Why Should You Visit Al Burouj?

Al Burouj
Al Burouj
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If you are done with the monotonous hustle and bustle of daily work life, and you want to give yourself a treat by paying a visit to a place that will connect you to nature in one way or the other, then Al Burouj is the best place for you. For knowing more about this majestic holiday and permanent residence destination, make sure you don’t shift your attention to other articles before completing this one, as it has all the essential details related to Al Burouj!

Where is Al Burouj Located? 

One of the most breathtaking destinations, called Al Burouj, is located in the vicinity of Cairo, Egypt. It will take 20 to 25 minutes to drive to this majestic place from Cairo. Al Burouj encapsulates in its bunch of towering townhouses that arise in you the desire to touch the sky with your hands. Apart from being a home to townhouses, this place is better known for professionally designed villas, duplexes, and three-bedroom apartments. 

For checking out detailed descriptions of rented apartments, duplexes, and villas, you can pay a formal visit to https://www.nawy.com/compound/274-zed-el-sheikh-zayed-ora. It comprises all the necessary details about this incredible space! 

Why Should You Visit Al Burouj? 

1. Obtaining Tranquillity and Peace 

One of the main reasons for visiting this place is that it offers you an immense amount of tranquillity, inner peace, and satisfaction. You get to live in a place that is far away from the cacophonies and turmoil of major cities. This place is best for observing the silence of winds and nature. 

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2. For Getting Close to Nature 

All the houses and villas are camouflaged by greenery, which enhances the collective beauty of this place and encourages you to enjoy the ultimate closeness to nature. 

3. Top-notch Amenities 

Vicinity has all the basic amenities like medical care, utility stores, shopping centres, and restaurants where luscious cuisines from different regions of the world are served under a single roof. 

4. Well-Trained and Qualified Staff 

The staff members are well versed in Arabic and English, so it won’t be a matter of concern for you if you don’t come from an Arab country. You can effortlessly communicate your thoughts in English. It is especially favourable for non-natives and for foreigners who have come from the Western side of the globe. 

5. Luxurious Sports Centres for Exercise 

This breathtakingly luxurious suburb is the best place for people who are health conscious as the gymnasium centres and sports hubs present in this arena are equipped with top-class facilities and machinery. Furthermore, trainers are experienced and perfect at their profession. 

6. Variety of Villas and Duplexes with All the Basic Facilities 

Depending on your budget, you can either stay in a fully furnished duplex or rent 1 bedroom apartment. It doesn’t matter if houses are furnished or not; cleanliness, remarkable sanitation system, uninterrupted electricity connections, and luxurious architecture are guaranteed. 

Final Statement 

Al Burouj is one of the most elegant suburbs located in the neighbourhood of Cairo, which is equipped with all the fundamental amenities like a cultural hub, sports centres, international schools, shopping centres, and the list goes on. Contact Nawy for more details!  

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