Why Travelers are Opting for Camping Trailers Over Hotels

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This post was most recently updated on April 15th, 2023

The Growing Trend of Camping Trailers: Why Travelers are Preferring Them to Hotels

Flashback time! It’s the beginning of 2021, and around 93.8 million households in North America are about to discover a new way of vacationing: camping. Wait what? A new way of vacationing? How’s that? Isn’t camping an older jam? It certainly is! But if you recall, weren’t we confined to our homes before 2021 due to Covid? Oh yes, we were, which is reason enough for the renewed interest in camping. According to a Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) recent study, the surge in RV sales and travelers opting for camping trailers over hotels was a direct result of pandemic restrictions and a desire for more independent travel options.

Reports reveal that RVs and camping were the choice of leisure travel in 2021, making up an impressive 40% of all journeys taken. Additionally, more than half (53%) incorporated campgrounds into their plans – a number that has only grown with time.

Fast Forward to 2023, and camping has now become one of the most popular recreational activities in the USA. So, what’s driving this newfound love for RVing and camping over traditional hotels? Let’s explore this further.

Why Camping Over a Hotel?

Gone are the days when hotels were the only way for travelers to get away. For those seeking a fuller, more purposeful journey experience, camping is the Scuba tank duration perfect alternative to staying in a hotel. Not only does it come with abundant financial and convenience benefits, but it also offers a connection with nature that can’t be matched by any other accommodation. To help you make up your mind—here are some top advantages of choosing camping over hotels:

1. Comfort and Convenience

Offered with camping, yet unavailable at hotels: comfort and convenience. When you’re in the great outdoors, there’s no need to worry about lacking amenities or sleeping on a mattress used by many other travelers – your own bed awaits! Moreover, a trailer provides a home’s comforts, such as an interior kitchenette and bathroom facilities. Wherever life may take you – be it beaches or mountains – bring your travel trailer along for unbeatable convenience.

2. Cost Savings

Looking for a way to save money on your next trip? Camping offers an excellent alternative to costly hotel stays. Here’s how: The average price per night at a hotel is close to $180, while camping comes in closer to only $45! That’s over four times less expensive than staying in a room – and with all the same amenities (and arguably more!) that you’d find otherwise. Campers have some free options as well and terrific tools to access those options – the Freeroam App and Boondockerswelcome.com are a couple of options. Both sites are equipped with free or inexpensive camping spots located all around America, allowing campers to sleep cheap wherever they go.

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3. Enjoy Nature

Camping presents an unparalleled opportunity to experience the wonders of nature. You can wake up among towering trees, falling stars, and glistening lake views – truly a breathtaking sight! Moreover, camping with loved ones elevates this already enjoyable activity to even higher heights as you bask in tranquil serenity together.

4. Home on Wheels

For the daring explorer, camping in a trailer is the perfect way to see new destinations while retaining all your home comforts. Picture it – take along everything from your beloved bed and kitchen essentials to treasured books or appliances; you have yourself a rolling abode for your journey! There is no need to leave behind that feeling of being at home when setting out on an adventure.

5. Travel with Your Pets

Imagine the feeling of rejection when a hotel won’t allow you to take your cherished pet inside; it’s enough to make anyone feel dejected. There are no such restrictions in a camping trailer. Bring them along, just like any other family member!

6. Connect with Others

When you camp, the opportunity to bond with fellow travelers surpasses anything available from a hotel. You can make lasting connections by sharing stories or fishing tips around the fire pit that go beyond what’s possible through brief encounters in a hotel lobby. Camping fosters meaningful bonds that last long after your vacation ends.

Camping has countless advantages over vacationing in a hotel, from feeling more at ease to saving money and making connections. Why not give it a shot? You could discover that camping is now your go-to way of taking trips!

Camping Trailers Vs. Hotels: Which is the Smarter Option?

I bet your money is definitely on camping trailers after reading about all those amazing benefits over staying in a hotel. But, if you’re still not convinced, consider this: Camping in a trailer offers a one-of-a-kind experience. You can become more intimately connected to nature as you immerse yourself away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A hotel stay won’t give you this luxury!

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Cathy Estrella is a partner in Cortes Campers California-a molded fiberglass retro chic camper trailer model that offers a nod to nostalgic designed outer shell loaded with high tech features on the inside. According to Estrella, campers are not just a practical solution to outdoor travel and recreation, Americans have an undeniable admiration for nature while at the same time like the idea of escaping from it all in style. What better way is there than exploring this beautiful country’s breathtaking landscapes without ever having to leave your home away from home?

Estrella emphasizes, “Sometimes hotels are the best option, but if you want to immerse yourself in nature, there is no better way than RV camping.” She is quick to point out that her company offers a way to enjoy nature in comfort, style, and safety.

She said: “Our first model is a 17 ft tiny house on wheels and is loaded with comforts of home features like a full kitchenette complete with stove top, oven, frig, freezer and microwave, a full stand up wet bath with porcelain toilet and stainless steel sink, sleep 2, has USB and 110 outlets, double pane windows that open completely but also have built in shades and screens, air conditioning, heating and an on demand hot water system. 

“If you are an outdoor enthusiast that isn’t a fan of setting up a tent and packing a bunch of gear, recreational vehicles have exactly what you need. Our brand is a luxury brand at an affordable price”. 

According to Estrella, the Cortes 17 ft camper loaded has an MSRP of $59,000. She reiterates that a night in a decent hotel could run you $200-$300 easily and more when one factors in eating out as well. Financing a 17 ft camper is about $400 a month. Campgrounds are an easy and cost-effective option as mentioned but Estrella points out the popularity of boondocking and the many state parks that have freestay opportunities as well. 

Which Type of Camper Trailer is the Right One to Choose?

For Estrella, Cortes is the camper trailer of choice but she admits she’s biased. “In general, for people looking for a lightweight, durable, low maintenance product, I’d suggest a fiberglass trailer”. 

Cortes 17 ft models weigh only 2680 pounds which is important because it can be pulled by most SUV’s or even crossovers so there’s no need to buy a large truck to haul it around. The size is very doable and fits easily in a driveway. With regard to durability, Estrella points out that even a low budget fiberglass trailer is going to be more durable and hold its value better than a traditional stick-built trailer. The benefit of a double hulled molded fiberglass trailer is going to be better insulation which makes it four season friendly. Cortes is coated with a marine grade gel coat which needs virtually no maintenance, unlike aluminum trailers which take a lot of elbow grease to keep them bright and shiny. 

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Aside from molded fiberglass, there are aluminum models which are much more maintenance and generally much heavier than fiberglass. Stick built trailers run the gamut but there are certainly some good options out there and depending on where one is traveling, staying in a tent may not always be the safest option and not always the most relaxing considering the time spent packing, setting up and taking down a tent. 

Airstream aluminum stick-built trailers can provide more variety for those who want to customize their camper. Nevertheless, they can be expensive and take up a lot of time. Additionally, other campers come with slide-outs, pull-outs or pop-up models that add extra space; unfortunately, they are also prone to costly repairs in the long run.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference, price point and lifestyle, as numerous options are available for grabs.

The Takeaway

We all learned alot from the Covid Pandemic but perhaps most importantly, many of us re-evaluated our work/life balance and the freedom of movement. While there are plenty of times when traveling that a hotel is simply the best option, it is not necessarily the most desirable option when we want to connect with nature. An alluring alternative is RV camping and hopefully this article has made picking out a suitable model a little easier. My money is on Cortes Campers due to many reasons. Not only are they well-constructed, but also affordable and offer commendable features. Still, weigh the pros and cons, get prices from various companies, and see what suits you best. 

Don’t wait any longer to venture on your outdoor escapade – start now by selecting the ideal camping trailer for you and yours! Start making loads of enjoyable, unforgettable memories without worrying about where you’ll sleep at night. Wish you a happy camping experience!

By Christian Leblanc- travel writer, outdoor enthusiast, avid explorer

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