Why You May Have Been Using Online Casino Welcome Bonuses Incorrectly All This Time

Why You May Have Been Using Online Casino Welcome Bonuses Incorrectly All This Time
Why You May Have Been Using Online Casino Welcome Bonuses Incorrectly All This Time
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The online casino market in the United States is burgeoning, and with every new state that legalizes the activity, along comes a host of great regulated providers. This makes it so much safer for players, who previously had to take their chances with offshore online casinos, which were occasionally criminal endeavors and offered little to no protection for those who signed up for their services.  

When a state passes the relevant legislation, they award a number of licenses to the relevant brands that pass the criteria, and it’s then down to players to run the rule over they wish to sign up with.

Every online casino has a number of pathways to attracting customers, from aggressive ad campaigns to looking to catch players’ eyes at physical casinos, but the best tool in their armory comes in the form of a welcome bonus.

This is very much a brand’s calling card, and it’s something prospective players will always be enticed by. Welcome bonuses come in a number of different types, from no-deposit bonuses to matched deposits, to free spins, and a number of other options that can prove very inviting indeed.

The main issue when it comes to an online casino bonus is the way players make use of them, often wrongly. Here are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of what’s on offer.

Take Your Time

Firstly, take your time. Don’t rush into the use of your welcome bonus. Doing so will see you failing on a number of levels. Using up all that free credit in a matter of minutes or hours means you’ve done the online casino’s work for them (as they assume you’ll then load up your own funds), but also you will have failed to have a had a good look around to assess the quality of the brand. 

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This is indeed the crucial point and the best way to use your welcome bonus. 

Check Out Everything the Online Casino has to Offer

When you sign up with an online casino, and you see the cash, or free spins, waiting in your account, don’t rush into anything. Use this to really get a good look under the bonnet. 

If you like spins more than table games, then, by all means, try out a few spins (but don’t exhaust your free pot), then maybe check out the table games just to get an idea of how high quality their service is in this area. 

Perhaps consider seeing your available balance as an amount you can split into portions; in other words, use up half of this total in the first week and then hold back the rest for the following week.

The point here is to use the welcome bonus as the conduit to really getting to know the online casino so that when your balance is used up, you can make a considered decision about whether you’ll make another deposit or leave and check out the competition. 

Read the Fine Print

The simple truth is that NO casino bonus is as good as it sounds. You will almost never get actual ‘real’ money from your welcome bonus, and if you do, it will be a case of having to ‘play through’ a vast number of times before you see a single cent.

So again, the welcome bonus is more of a base from which to build from. Even those brands that offer no-deposit bonuses be aware that if you use these funds and win, it’s more than likely that the amount you win will not be accessible until you make your own deposit. 

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So always check the small print and that way, you won’t be disappointed.

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