Why you should Add Sound Alerts in your Kick stream!

Why you should Add Sound Alerts in your Kick stream!
Why you should Add Sound Alerts in your Kick stream!
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With live streaming, there are a variety of options to keep your audience active and engaged. From live commentary on games to Q&A discussions, there are many options that streamers can choose from. One often-ignored aspect of livestreaming is the utilization of sound effects and alerts. 

Blerp, an easy live streaming soundboard extension available on Twitch, Kick, YouTube, Facebook, and Trovo, allows users to easily integrate custom sound effects and alerts into their streams – perfect whether you are an established streamer or new to streaming! Including sound alerts can take your streams to new heights of engagement for viewers while keeping audiences entertained!

Blerp can help you add sound alerts on your Kick livestream

Engage your audience

One of the main motives for incorporating Blerp Sound alerts when you live stream is to ensure that your viewers are active. It can be an inactive viewer experience if there’s no interaction from the streamer. With the addition of sound effects and notifications, you can provide an immersive experience for viewers. It will make them feel as though they’re part of the stream, and they will interact in a way with the broadcaster.

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Include humor and personality in your channel

The addition of sound effects and alarms to your live streams can provide a sense of humor and flair to your stream. If, for instance, you’re playing a scary game when a jump scare happens, then you could utilize the “scream” alert to add an element of comedy to the scenario. 

Be different from other streamers

In the sea of livestreaming, it may be difficult to differentiate yourself from other streamers. With the help of sound effects and alerts, you’ll be able to add an element to your live stream that can make your stream stand out from the other streaming services. 

Improve retention of viewers

Another reason to add sound warnings in your live stream is the fact that it will increase your viewers’ retention. If viewers are interested and entertained, they’ll be more likely to remain throughout the live stream. This could improve your viewership and also increase the overall amount of audience retention. 

Invite donations and subscriptions

Additionally, adding sound alarms as well as effects to your live stream could also help draw people to donate money and sign up for subscriptions. If viewers enjoy your stream and feel they’re a part of your streaming, they’ll be more inclined to donate financially. 


In the end, adding sound alerts or effects to your live stream could make a huge difference to the effectiveness of your Livestream channel. Utilizing Blerp, the platform, you are able to create custom sound effects and alerts to your stream to make it more interesting as well as entertaining to your viewers. Why not test it out? Your audience will be grateful for this.

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How can sound alerts enhance my livestreaming?

Sound alerts can improve your livestreaming experience by engaging your viewers with humor and a sense of humor in your broadcast, as well as increasing retention among viewers. They can also assist in helping make you stand out among other streamers and also solicit donations and subscriptions.

Are there ways to personalize my sound alerts by using Blerp?

Yes, thanks to Blerp, you can access large libraries of sounds and voice clips. Additionally, you are able to make as well as upload personal sound effects.

Is Blerp simple to set up?

It is true that Blerp can be easily installed and is able to be used with any type of platform. Just download the extension, sign up for an account, and then start creating sound alerts for your live stream.

What kinds of sounds and alarms can you find on Blerp?

Blerp has a broad selection of sounds and alerts that include meme-inspired sounds as well as popular voice lines of movies and games, animal sounds, and many numerous others. In addition, you are able to create your own unique sound effects to provide a special experience for your users.

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