Winning in the digital world: A chat with Michael Borgelt, CEO & Founder of 51Blocks and BionicWP

Even though every business claims its customers are its top priority, sometimes the reality is the opposite. In the past, many brands have received negative reviews from their clients, especially in the digital marketing industry. However, some companies are focused on building the trust of their customers more than anything else. Through sheer hard work and dedication, they cater to their client’s needs and in fact, are willing to go above and beyond for everyone. This is exactly what Michael Borgelt had in mind when ventured into the world of entrepreneurship.

Michael Borgelt established his white label digital marketing company 51Blocks at a time when people were not even familiar with the term SEO and digital marketing. And since then, he has been following one rule, ‘keep the client needs above everything’. According to the CEO and founder of 51Blocks, Michael Borgelt, the secret behind the success lies in the top-notch services that the company provides its clients. The fact is that only a devoted and dedicated team at any establishment can ensure customer satisfaction. 51Blocks is the prime example where customers don’t just praise them for their services but also their commitment and trust.

“I take pride in the fact that since launching 51Blocks in 2009, we have helped 100’s of agencies and 1000’s of clients,” shares Michael who built the agency from the ground up. .  Apart from that, Michael Borgeltowns BionicWP that he founded in 2021. This company helps agencies with managed WordPress hosting needs all the while focusing on amazing customer support. “Both 51Blocks and BionicWP are aimed at bringing a high level of service and great results for clients while being transparent and honest in the digital marketing space,” stresses Michael.

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51Blocks is a multiple 7 figure agency and through hard work and utter dedication they have been able to help the small businesses that were investing smartly in digital marketing compete with the big companies that were lacking in such areas and win. Michael Borgelt is of the view that every 51Blocks service is supported by a committed team of strategists and specialists who carefully prepare every aspect of your marketing strategy.

The experts at 51Blocks understand how marketing and audiences can differ from industry to industry. That’s why they include field experts to create a tailored marketing plan for each client. Moreover, they are familiar with the client’s company and its requirements. “Our goal is to increase clients’ ROI as effectively and efficiently as we can. The team will be at the client’s disposal 24/7 to help them in any way they require, whether it be with content, SEO, local listing, paid search, website, or all of the above,” states Michael. “Whenever we onboard any client, we make sure they are in the loop on every step and always in command. The proof of our incredible services and customer experience can be easily seen by the referral we get from clients, and that is what our true success is,” he adds.

The white label digital marketing agency is all about understanding the client’s need and finding solutions that can help other agencies scale as well. Being a top-rated and highly reviewed company, there is no doubt they have elevated the benchmark of quality and customer service to the next level. In fact, 51Blocks has grown a lot in the last decade. Michael Borgelt says, “Working in a rapidly growing industry, we must evolve with time as well. Our customers trust us to be there for them in any digital crisis, and gaining expertise in those aspects is what makes us different than the rest. From the start of the company, I learned that growing and learning is the part of life. In my early days, I didn’t know how to sell or even how to scale a business. I felt scared and confused, didn’t know how to manage a team, and wasn’t mentally strong either. I would often have breakdowns while running the business, but that made the digital marketing agency stronger. Whatever challenges we face, we always come to the top with a victory.”

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Talking about how he manages it all, the SEO expert shares, “I always make sure to keep myself grounded and involved with every team member.” He further reveals, “A good customer experience can only be delivered if the company’s internal environment is positive and hardworking. I personally believe that management should always lead their team rather than be dependent upon them to do all the effort.” Michael Borgelt is indeed an inspiration for anyone who wants to make it big in the digital world. The only advice that he has to give to aspiring young entrepreneurs is: “The key is to be okay with not knowing it all. A lot of people are more than willing to help you avoid those pitfalls.”

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