Wipro Launches Wipro Ai360, Commits To Investing $1 Billion In AI Over The Next Three Years

Wipro Launches Wipro Ai360
Wipro Launches Wipro Ai360, Commits To Investing $1 Billion In AI Over The Next Three Years
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Monday, 17 July 2023, Bengaluru, India

The launch of Wipro ai360, a comprehensive, AI-first innovation ecosystem, builds on Wipro’s decade-long investments in artificial intelligence (AI) to integrate AI into every platform, tool, and solution used internally and provided to clients, was announced today by Wipro Limited (NYSE: WIT, BSE: 507685, NSE: WIPRO), a leading technology services and consulting company. Along with the release of Wipro ai360, the business declared its intention to invest $1 billion over the following three years in improving AI capabilities.

Through AI and generative AI, Wipro ai360, supported by this new investment, will assist in igniting a new era of value, productivity, and business potential.

According to Thierry Delaporte, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Wipro Limited, Artificial intelligence is a rapidly developing discipline. “With the advent of generative AI, we expect many industries to transition significantly shortly. New challenges, new ways to work, and new business models exist. For precisely this reason, the Wipro ai360 ecosystem places ethical AI operations at the center of all our AI activities. It aims to improve our talent pool and permeate all processes, procedures, and client-centered problem-solving aspects. We’re ready for an AI-driven future that has already arrived.

Wipro ai360 will combine the 30,000 Wipro specialists in data analytics and AI with Wipro’s technology and consulting ecosystem across four global business lines, with responsible AI at its center. To create new solutions and integrate AI into all procedures and practices, we will use our capabilities in cloud computing, partnerships, data analytics, artificial intelligence, design and consulting, cybersecurity, and engineering. With the help of Wipro’s new global business line model, delivery capabilities will increase in depth, speed, and agility.

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Additionally, a vital component of the Wipro ai360 ecosystem will be the innovation hub Lab45, which will offer clients the size, talent, training, research, and co-innovation capabilities necessary to hasten the adoption of AI.

Wipro’s AI, data, analytics foundation, R&D, platforms, and FullStride Cloud will all benefit from the $1 billion investment. Wipro will also develop new consulting skills to assist clients in embracing change and gaining new value from AI.

Wipro will expedite investments in creative businesses through Wipro Ventures. The company will also launch a GenAI Seed Accelerator program, preparing a select number of GenAI-focused companies to enter the organization.

The company will provide all 250,000 employees with training on artificial intelligence (AI) fundamentals and intelligent usage of AI over the upcoming year. Additionally, it will keep providing professionals in AI-specialized fields with more advanced, ongoing training.

Wipro will create a curriculum outlining the AI process for various professions. Employees will receive credentials after completing the curriculum through the Decentralized Identity & Credential Exchange (DICE) ID platform. For ongoing employee upskilling, Wipro will also host hackathons and competitions on its talent crowd platform, Topcoder.

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