With Flower Preservation Blowing Up, Why Is It Important To Know That Resin Art Will Never Be Perfect?

When commissioning an artist to paint you a portrait or mold a sculpture, are you expecting perfection? Or does knowing that they’re being made by human hands make you expect just that, a beautiful piece of art made by a human?

In any form, art will never be perfect. Humans are flawed, as we are not machines that can create perfectly straight lines or proportionally curved circles. With that said, why should we expect perfection from resin art?

Dallas-based flower preservation company, Francesca’s Element, tells us about their business and why we shouldn’t expect perfection from such a delicate form of art.

From the very beginning, the artists have always been open and transparent about their process. Flowers bruise in resin from multiple things like oils on your hands, shipping, or transporting from the flower farm. Oftentimes, clients forget that their entire wedding day took its toll on their flowers and that their flowers are no longer fresh. In fact, they could be weeks old and at the end of their lifespan by the time Francesca’s Element receives them.

Different colored flowers also react differently in resin. Light colors can bruise transparently and dark colors can have dark bruises. Despite this, the team is researching new ways to reduce or completely eliminate this issue. However, the team wants to make it clear that no work of art will ever be perfect. An artist can solve problems and create beautiful keepsakes, but perfection is simply not possible for any medium. 

Resin can also be unpredictable. Humidity has to be controlled, as well as the overall temperature of their workspace. Sometimes, bubbles don’t want to pop or they hide and overnight they will make their appearance and by that time it’s too late to pop. Humans, inherently flawed, have imperfect eyes. Have you ever looked for something that was right in front of you but could not see it? This can happen with bubbles in resin, too. Francesca’s Element has a team to help prevent those silly mistakes, but those pesky bubbles can still appear. 

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Francesca’s Element believes an informed client is a happy client. The artists choose their clients based on compatibility and their clients choose them for their talents, skills, and personalities. This is why they have potential clients reach out directly from their advertisements on social media so that all questions can be answered. Each flower preservationist has his or her own style and design. It is important for a potential client to connect with the artist’s work and the artist.

“We work incredibly hard every single day to improve our craft and we’re always looking for ways to make the process more enjoyable for our clients,” says Stephen Amiewalan, Francesca’s Element CEO. “With resin art, nothing will ever be perfect, but an artist can always strive for it. There will always be methods that change or better materials and equipment to use.” 

For more information about Francesca’s Element, please visit its website or see the company’s work: 

Website: https://www.francescaselement.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/francescaselement

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/francescas.element/

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