Withdrawal Limits in Online Casinos | Everything You Should Know
Withdrawal Limits in Online Casinos | Everything You Should Know

Withdrawal Limits in Online Casinos | Everything You Should Know

This post was most recently updated on December 18th, 2021

Online casinos have allowed more players to try their hand at gambling than ever before. Almost everyone can set up an account and register to play in these establishments as long as they follow the rules and regulations set by the casino and the proper intuitions. 

Gambling online, however, comes with a few rules that differ from those in an actual casino. One of such rules is the withdrawal limit set up by the casino. It’s something that a player should be aware of and include in their budget plans and strategies. 

What Are Withdrawal Limits?

Withdrawal limits are the maximum amount you can withdraw from the online casino account during a fixed period of time. That means that if your winnings are over the limit you won’t be able to withdraw at least not right away. It’s important to be aware of this since it means that not all of your winnings are at your disposal when you want them to be. It should be a part of your budgeting plan as much as a betting strategy. 

Why There Are Withdraw Limits?

When it comes to a reputable online casino, withdrawal limits are nothing to worry about. They are a part of an anti-fraud policy most casinos have in place in order to protect their assets. That allows the casino to investigate both the winnings and the winner when it comes to large sums. 

Withdraw limits also help casinos avoid liquidity shortages that may come up when a lot of players withdraw their funds at once. Having a limit means that the players will withdraw funds less often, usually when they don’t plan on playing anymore, and that reduces the fees paid by the casino.

What kind of Withdraw Limits are there?

There are a few different types of withdrawal limits and you should be aware of all of them and understand the difference between them since it may be important in your plans to use your funds. Not all casinos have the same limits and some may have more than one. 

Amount limit

This is the simplest limit that most casinos have at least in some form. It limits how much money you can withdraw in a single transaction. For instance, you may be able to withdraw $5000 in each transaction. The amount can differ depending on how large the casino is and much of a player base it has.

In some cases, there’s also a minimum limit that works in the same way but limiting how little you can withdraw in a single take. 

Time limit

The time limit is a bar set on how many times you can withdraw your winnings, within a timeframe. It doesn’t matter how large or the small amount you’re withdrawing as long as you do it once a day, for instance. 

Both time and amount limit

Some casinos have both limits at once. For instance, combining the two examples we’ve mentioned, such a limit will allow you to only withdraw $5.000 a day.  For the most part, this won’t affect how the players gamble. There’s no reason to tailor your bets so that they fit the withdrawal limit. Instead, it’s best to stick to your betting strategy and think about making withdrawals once you’ve won.

Special withdrawal limits 

There’s another unique limit that’s less common, but it’s still used by some casinos and you should be aware of it so that it doesn’t surprise you. It’s a special and specific limit, that simply states how much a player can withdraw at any time. That means that you can, for instance, withdraw $1000 no more and less. It can be an unconvinced limit since you’ll need to wait to win that much before you can use your funds. 

What are withdrawal limits on average?

There are no rules as to how withdrawals work and it’s up to each online casino to set up its own policy. That’s why a player should educate themselves about them for each establishment they are playing in. 

For the most part, there’s a minimum limit that ranges from $10 to $50 with most casinos keeping it at $25. Weekly limits are often set to somewhere between $1000 and $5000. 

Can You Negotiate Limits?

For the most part, it’s possible to negotiate these limits with the casino and to get a deal tailor-made for your own gambling plans. However, this is only available to high-end players that are betting large amounts and have a long-term relationship with the casino. 

What makes a high roller that has a right to such special treatment is up to the casino to decide. Keep in mind that these are usually one-time deals, although they could be made into a long-term understanding between you and the establishment if you agree to do so. 

To Sum Up

Online casinos have rules limiting how much of their winnings a player can withdraw in one take or in a given time period. These are put in place in order to verify the player’s identity and to help the casinos keep a cash flow going. 

There are limits as to how much you can withdraw in a single installment, how much to withdraw within a year and what’s the minimum amount you can take out. The actual sums vary from one casino to another. 



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