Workplace Health and Safety in Netherlands

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You have decided to go to work in the Netherlands? Well that’s very courageous decision and I can just congratulate you. Maybe it was your own decision how many people in your company believed in you and offered you a position in the Netherlands. Maybe the same company or maybe it’s another one, a new one. What do you need to keep in mind is that you need to keep going. This is a new road that you’re stepping on work it will surely be full of Adventures and possibilities to grow. So if it is your first time that you are going to work in the Netherlands, make sure you take the conditions for working in this country. Might be some rights that you need to know about, occasions that you have as an employee in the Netherlands. What do you need to know about Health and Security when it comes to work in the Netherlands? In the following article and in the following paragraphs we are going to describe a little bit these conditions.

Security needs to be a priority

Even more if you are going to work for the first time in the Netherlands, you will need to take into account the security before going to this country. What are the security principles for locals and for strangers? Are there any risks that you need to be aware of? Of course there will be. But now we are telling you about a risk that many tourists need to know about.

Many tourists can become victims of fraud by phone, if they don’t pay attention to who is calling them. If an unknown number is calling you while you are in the Netherlands, there are a few things that you can personally do, without even needing to call the police. If you suspect the one who is calling you for not being serious, you can take their numbers on a special platform that is called wie heeft mij gebeld.  This is basic thing you can do for yourself to keep yourself safe one of the first things that we suggest you to do when an unknown number is calling. By using this platform you can text someone’s identity based on their phone number, which is the unknown phone number calling you. You can also add information about an unknown callers, of course if you know it, in that will be helping other users of the platform. This is a solidarity attitude that you’d have for the others.

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Workplace conditions may be different

Please make research on the internet to see how people are working in the Netherlands. They may be having some specific habits that will help you to better integrate the group so make sure you check that before you go working. If you “do your homework” this will be helpful and you’ll enjoy working there. So let the adventure of working in the Netherlands start right now. Do your best, learn the language, work well and enjoy this experience.

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John Mclane