World Hypertension Day 2022: Yoga asanas to beat high blood pressure

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World Hypertension Day 2022: Every year, on May 17, World Hypertension Day is observed in order to educate the public and create awareness on high blood pressure and hypertension. This year, the theme of World Hypertension Day is ‘Measure your blood pressure accurately, control it, live longer’. Hypertension, usually caused by stress and lack of a disciplinary life, can lead to a ranfe of disorders such as stroke, heart diseases, kidney diseases and dementia.

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In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Yoga Master Akshar spoke about the need of incorporating yoga into the daily fitness routine in order to calm the body, relax the body, drive away stress and beat high blood pressure. “Yoga is a mindful practice that assists you in connecting with your body, and breath. Through spiritual practices like Siddha Walk or Mind Walk, asanas, pranayama, and meditation techniques you can control and balance your blood pressure.”

Akshar further noted down a few yoga asanas that can help in beating high blood pressure. They are:

Sukhasana: Also known as the Easy Pose, this yoga asana helps in improving the posture ansd strengthening the spine. It helps in promoting relaxation to the body.

Hastha Uthanasana: The Hands Raised Up Pose helps in stretching the back, opening the chest, and stretching the shoulders. This asana also helps in relaxing the body.

Vajrasana: The Thunderbolt Pose helps in stretching the calf muscles and strengthening the nerves of legs and thighs. It also helps in boosting digestion by improving the blood circulation in the lower abdomen.

Paschimottanasana: Also known as the Seated Forward Bend, this asana helps in stimulating the liver, kidneys, ovaries, and uterus. It also helps in reducing fatty deposits in the abdomen and stretching the spine and brings flexibility. Practising this asana helps in combating constipation and digestive disorder.

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