You can now easily apply for a Canada visa online

If you are planning to move to Canada, the first thing you need to do is apply for a Canadian visa through CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). If you are reading this article, chances are you already have your information and documents, but if not, don’t worry! In this article, we will go over 5 tips that will help you to make your visa application as accurate as possible before you submit it. The more you work on your application, the more likely you are to be approved! Let’s get started.

Select your visa type

You must select a visa type when applying online. There are multiple types of visas, each with its own requirements and processing time. If you do not know what you need, ask your sponsor or immigration lawyer. If you apply for a visa that is not appropriate for your situation, it may negatively affect your application and delay the processing time.

Collect supporting documents

To complete your Canada Visa application online, you must first pay any required fees. There is a separate fee for each type of visa application. The fee may include a processing fee (150 CAD); a Permanent residence fee ($ 490 CAD); And/or an immigration loan consolidation fee ($ 75 CAD). Keep in mind that in addition to these costs, you’ll also need to pay for other services, including background checks, translations, and travel documents. These are necessary but optional costs that vary from case to case. For example, some applicants may be asked to take a medical examination while others may be asked not to require a medical examination for their application. It is advisable to have all your documents ready before you start your visa application process.

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Pay your fees

Applying for a Canada visa online can save you both time and money. However, your fee does not stop at $ 200 (or the amount you pay when you apply in person). Other fees include postage, receipt of an apostolic, and authentication of your documents. It is important to factor these costs into your total budget because they can add up quickly. You will have to wait about two weeks before starting an application after paying your fee so make sure you are giving enough time. Depending on how busy or slow the offices are, you may not be able to process as fast as expected but it is better to have an idea of ​​how long it will take than to give yourself less time than you need and then miss a deadline.

Fill out your form

It is important that you read each section as soon as you complete your Canada Visa online application and make sure you include all your details. Make sure you fill in each blank, check the mandatory fields, and answer each question as fully as possible. This may sound obvious, but there are hundreds of people who do not complete their applications well enough. The government will not be able to process your application without everything they need so make sure they have it!

Submit your application

Before you submit your Canada visa application, make sure you have reviewed all your supporting documents to make sure they are up-to-date and accurate. It may be nerve-racking to know that you are submitting information that may determine whether you will be accepted into Canada as a permanent resident, but you may be relieved to know that there are several tools available to protect you from mistakes. For example, many immigration applications have an online checklist where you can verify which items have been completed and which still need attention. If something is missing, most immigration forms will flag it so that applicants can correct problems before submitting their application.


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