You Can Play Path of Exile on Steam Deck

You Can Play Path of Exile on Steam Deck

This post was most recently updated on May 15th, 2022

Eventually, it will be better.

In the wake of console releases and a beta for controller support, the logical next question is, “Will Path of Exile work on the Steam Deck?”. It is, after all, a PC masquerading as a portable console. Well, we’ll try to answer that question. Depending on the results, it will widen your options and methods of farming PoE currency.

Yes, With Caveats

The Steam Deck is a handheld PC with all the buttons of a standard controller and a few extra. Among those extras are four grip buttons and two trackpads. Now, consider the massive library of games on Steam. Some of them do not have controller support.

That’s why there’s a game rating on the device. It tells you if the console can:

  • Play the game with high compatibility (green check)
  • Play the game but with some added effort (yellow i)
  • Not support the game (gray symbol)

One last category of games is a gray question mark, meaning the game is untested on the Steam Deck. Hundreds of games are on the platform, so it’s not unusual that nobody has thought to try those games.

At any rate, Path of Exile is in the second category of games. It will run on the Steam Deck, but there are some problems.

First, some functions cannot be done with the default configurations. You might have to use the touchscreen or the virtual keyboard for those.

Second, PoE might show icons that do not apply to the device’s default controllers. Examples of that are icons for mouse or keyboard inputs.

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Third, you’ll have to manually open the on-screen keyboard to input text.

Fourth, there is no preset configuration of settings to ensure smooth gameplay. You’ll have to manually set the graphics options, so the game works properly.

It sounds like a lot of work because it is. So, the answer is yes, but with extra effort and some practice with a new control scheme.

On the Bright Side

With Path of Exile’s Controller Support Beta, this might change in the future. As mentioned, the game is working well on consoles. There’s just the act of importing and optimizing those controls for the PC. Once controllers become fully supported on PC, the compatibility with the Steam Deck should rise.

According to the forum post of the beta, patch 3.17.3 is also a testing ground for the game’s compatibility with the console. The only problem is that the patch and beta just started. There are going to be many issues and bugs to find and fix. Then there would be a period of optimization and possibly another round of testing.

It will take some time before controllers will be fully integrated into the PC build. Testers will need to give good feedback, so GGG knows what to fix. Players have been asking for this feature for years, so they must do their part to make its release smooth.

Being able to use a controller for the PC version combines the ease of use of consoles with the processing power of PCs. Barring the most recent ones, consoles don’t usually match up to (some) insane graphics and modding PC users have access to.

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Parting Words

While it’s possible to play and farm Exalted Orbs on the Steam Deck right now, it’ll be better later with the optimized controller support. If you want to help with the testing, you can do so now. Feedback is essential for the success of this feature.

Good feedback points out the error or bug and how it could be replicated (if it can). Otherwise, it can have general observations of interactivity and how the game responds. You can also include some suggestions for better key-mapping or other quality-of-life things.

Try out everything you can to get a broader scope of things to have feedback on. The more data GGG has, the better the resulting controller support can be. The devs have the final say on the actual product, but they’re not going to 100% ignore the players’ comments and suggestions.

Let’s all look forward to having controller support for PoE on PC. The oldest veterans of the game can finally rest their wrists and hands (as much as controllers do, anyway). Here’s to farming PoE currency and items in a more comfortable and relaxed position.

Keep enjoying Path of Exile in whatever platform and controller scheme you’re using!

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