10 Best Open-Source Auto Diallers Software 2023

10 Best Open-Source Auto Diallers Software 2023
10 Best Open-Source Auto Diallers Software 2023

In this article, we can assist you to discover the great open source autodialer software program for your enterprise on the way to assist you to store time and expand terrific client relations. Innovative calling software program answers consisting of car dialers are main to extra groups beginning their very personal touch centers, in preference to outsourcing them. Sending personalized messages via calls will assist you to reap 18 instances extra sales than sending non-personalized emails and newsletters. 

Auto dialers can assist groups to enhance how they talk with clients and additionally decorate their advertising efforts. Open source autodialer software program additionally assist groups to get extra leads and nurture present ones. Annuitas Group lately said their record that nurtured leads tend to make 47% large purchases than non-nurtured leads. Open source autodialer software program will assist you’re making extra calls to ability leads and help you withinside the method of lead generation. 

 What is An Autodialer In The Call Center? 

A open source autodialer software program automates and accelerates the method of dialing phone numbers. These structures fetch phone numbers from the software program and dial them robotically with no human effort. Auto dialers, frequently utilized in name centers, 

join the decision recipient to an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) machine until the decision is transferred to your marketers or different inner departments. There are numerous open-supply car dialers to be had withinside the marketplace which can assist your marketers’ store time spent in dialing and attain extra clients. 

How do Auto Dialers Work? 

Open source autodialer software program includes numerous functionalities, however, they all have one component in common, i.e. automated calling of phone numbers. For a car dealer to paintings correctly, you’ll want some matters consisting of- 

  • A laptop with a strong net connection 
  • An agent for answering calls 
  • Voice modem/VoIP 
  • Active phone line 

The open source autodialer software program structures show the listing of contacts to be dialed at the laptop display. It additionally comes with numerous capabilities so that it will assist your marketers to understand what to do in case of a hectic signal, the voice message to be played, or while switching the decision to a stay person. 

Advantages of An Auto Dialer 

There are numerous blessings of the usage of an autodialer in comparison to guide dialling – 

  • Operational Efficiency- Using a car dialer will lessen the scope of misdialing, community failure, name drops, etc. This guarantees that calls are routed to the proper marketers, and wait instances are minimized. These outcomes in extended operational efficiency. 
  • Increased Agent Efficiency- With minimized idle time and development in name connection rates, marketers can spend extra time resolving client queries. This will increase their communication time and decreases the time spent acting on repetitive tasks. 
  • Increased Lead Conversion Ratio- A sound car dialer machine facilitates generating tremendous leads. It presents the entire data of the clients to assist the marketers to customise their verbal exchange. 
  • Real-Time Monitoring- A appropriate car dealer will assist you to speedy get entry to reviews of all of the name recordings and can help you screen calls in real-time for great control. Let us study a number of the great open-supply car dialers to be had withinside the marketplace as of now .
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Callhippo is one of the open source autodialer software program with a smooth person interface. The software program is appropriate for small groups that don’t want a whole lot of extra functionalities. The device is likewise designed to offer clean integration with third-celebration CRM software program answers. This guarantees seamless customer support control. 

Key Features

  • Easy third-celebration primarily based CRM integration
  • Seamless customer service 
  • Facility to switch calls internally 
  • Multiple customers can log in 
  • Create toll-loose numbers 
  • Facility to have a couple of calls concurrently 
  • Autodialer facility 
  • Generate precise reviews on a real-time basis


  • The loose model presents a few capabilities discovered simplest in top rate variations of its counterparts 
  • Excellent customer service even in case you enroll in the loose model 
  • User-pleasant and clean to set up 


  • Voicemail facility would require you to document it in an exceptional setup
  • The loose model isn’t beneficial for large-scale startups 
  • The loose model we could simplest customers log in, and concurrent calls aren’t supported 

2. Qubicles 

Qubicle is an open source autodialer software program that includes all of the capabilities which you want to run an enterprise-degree touch middle or a small enterprise name middle from home. The software program has an inbound CRM device to help you get an entire view of your operations so you can maximize client satisfaction. 

Key Features 

  • Qubicle Tokens (inbound machine of cryptocurrency) to praise deserving marketers 
  • Built-in CRM equipment 
  • Live chat function 
  • Generate superior reviews 
  • Built-in net phones 
  • Onboarding and stay schooling 


  • The loose model has all of the capabilities alongside getting entry to limitless customers 
  • Built-in cryptocurrency additionally rewards clients who take part in surveys 
  • Dashboard to present you a short review of daily operations and latest activities 


  • Customer aid is restricted and could range in step with the plan which you have chosen 
  • Backup takes as a minimum 30 minutes each day which comes withinside the manner of supplying provider 24×7

3. Servetel 

Servetel is a cloud-primarily based open source autodialer software program that facilitates expand an unbroken glide of verbal exchange among clients and groups. It has a clean-to-use interface and may be hooked up in minutes. You can effortlessly combine this software program with third-celebration CRM equipment to get a holistic view of client facts. 

Key Features 

  • Real-time monitoring thru immediate reviews and dashboards 
  • Call routing to IVR or marketers primarily based totally on their availability
  • Call recording for stay tracking and great control 
  • Call overlaying with brief digital numbers 
  • Get SMS messages of all overlooked and obtained calls 


  • The device is simple to implement 
  • Good customer service 
  • Real-time name tracking 


  • There isn’t any inbound CRM software program 
  • The person interface may be better 

4. Bitrix24 

Bitrix24 is a open source autodialer software program answer with a CRM answer that offers numerous beneficial capabilities like intranet and customizable net-primarily based total forms. Free download for the computer is to be had, and in case you choose the loose model, you could begin making and receiving calls within a couple of minutes of installation. The loose model of this software program is legitimate for as many as 12 personnel which makes it a super preference for small enterprises. 

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Key Features

  • Unlimited name recording and 5GB online storage 
  • Email advertising to be had freed from fee
  • Full-function CRM software program
  • Unlimited templates to be had for electronic mail advertising 
  • Sales agent control, i.e. HR control capabilities 


  • Manage files effortlessly and make it accessible 
  • Every member can tune their pastime and development and replace their mission status 


  • IVR function is simplest to be had withinside the paid model 
  • Software receives buggy proper after updates 
  • Plugins generate mistakes sometimes 

5. CallHub 

CallHub is a multi-channel open source autodialer software program this is customizable and in line with the dimensions of your enterprise. The device facilitates customers to control SMS advertising, name middle functions, and voice broadcasting. The software program integrates with numerous third-celebration answers for CRM consisting of Google contacts, Salesforce, etc. 

Key Features 

  • Schedule SMS and emails for accomplishing out to clients
  • Voice broadcasting marketing campaign to broadcast your message 
  • Broadcasting texting marketing campaign wherein all of the messages are amassed in a single region however replies may be given through all of your marketers 
  • Easy integration with CRM equipment 
  • Generate precise reviews and evaluation for each name and SMS 


  • The software program is scalable
  • No-fee signal up, and pay-as-you-cross pricing version facilitates to test how the software program suits the wishes of your business enterprise 


  • Technical group isn’t very useful in resolving troubles speedy 
  • Inexplicable insects pop up at any time 

6. Voicent 

Voicent is an award-triumphing open source autodialer software program that offers numerous capabilities consisting of a stay name switch, automatic messages, touch-tone opt-out, etc. You can pre-document audio messages for a selected listing of contacts. You simply want to add the listing of contacts and an audio file, and the software program will robotically dial the numbers and play the message. 

 Key Features 

  • A text-to-speech plugin that will let you depart answering system messages to your voice or a laptop-generated voice 
  • Make many calls concurrently from a single laptop 
  • Text-to-speech engine to create messages with the recipient’s name 
  • Easy spreadsheet to create name lists 
  • Automated phone surveys with superior evaluation 


  • Automatically depart voice messages 
  • Easy to apply, download, and setup 
  • Quick integration with third-celebration software program 


  • The device does now no longer encompass phone calls with e1 trunks 
  • Possible troubles with overhead charges 

7. TalkDesk 

TalkDesk is a cloud-primarily based open source autodialer software program that will assist a business enterprise to decorate its client experience. It facilitates preserving appropriate channels of verbal exchange. The device works in integration with Computer Telephony Integration and IVR. It transfers calls to particular marketers or departments. 

Key Features 

  • Call routing to particular marketers or departments in line with their particular wishes. 
  • Identifies VIP callers and skips their ready time 
  • Real-time name tracking to preserve great 
  • Call conferencing facility 
  • Real-time and historic reporting to ease managerial processes 


  • The software program has an intuitively designed person interface this is very clean to adapt • Agents can view the entire info of a caller on their dashboard
  • Good customer service 


  • There are many times wherein calls fail or disconnect robotically, and the agent is needed to restart TalkDesk to renew operations 
  • Not sufficient capabilities withinside the dialer 
  • Not well suited with Google Voice 
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8. PhoneBurner 

PhoneBurner is a cloud-primarily based open source autodialer software program this is designed to enhance the productiveness of the income group. The software program facilitates marketers to grow their quantity of calls, and callbacks, and additionally allows extra stay conversations with clients whether or not the marketers are operating from the workplace or their home. The device additionally streamlines the post-name workflow with right touch control and record generation. Users also can construct precise touch statistics in an integrated CRM device. 

 Key Features 

  • Eliminate guide dialing and drop voicemails in few clicks 
  • Manage contacts and phone campaigns the usage of the CRM device 
  • Local caller IDs to growth stay conversations 
  • Post-name workflow automation 
  • Easy reporting of all of the calls and messages 
  • Remote dialing so that personnel can paintings from anywhere 


  • Easy to apply even for personnel from a non-technical background 
  • Easily add the leads and store facts for destiny advertising campaigns 
  • Workflow automation facilitates lessen redundant tasks


  • There can be preliminary hiccups even as integrating with a present CRM software program 
  • It slows down and freezes sometimes 
  • Overpriced as in comparison to different answers 

9. Five9 

Five9 is an open source autodialer software program that removes the time spent in guide dialing and decreases mistakes in lead control. Open source autodialer equipment assists divert calls in a way that permits marketers extra time to serve clients. The software program comes with all of the capabilities which you want to run an inbound, outbound, or mixed touch middle. 

Key Features 

  • Intelligent Omni channel routing to assist joining clients with the proper marketers
  • Complete client data is displayed at the display at some point of calls 
  • Read-time and historic dashboards to get all of the data in some clicks 
  • Intuitive IVR 
  • Workforce and human aid control 
  • Call tracking 


  • Workforce control is seamless and guarantees that the proper workforce is a gift to deal with client queries 
  • Omnichannel interactions to interact clients over their favored channel – Email, SMS, Chat or phone 
  • Easy integration with main CRM software program like Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, etc. 


  • Setup and schooling method may be a piece time-consuming 
  • Has a few balance troubles 
  • Unexpected connectivity mistakes 

10. Call Fire 

Call Fire is an open source autodialer software program that facilitates a business enterprise to streamline its outbound campaigns and tune enterprise moves effortlessly. You simply want to add your contacts, and the energy dial function will assist income marketers to hook up with ability leads. It overlooks terrible indicators and terrible phone numbers so that marketers can simply recognition on talking with clients. 

Key Features 

  • Call recording for stay tracking 
  • Interactive Voice Response 
  • Record all inbound requires loose 
  • Text-to-speech function 
  • Call tracking 
  • Callback scheduling 

Generate precise reviews to degree the overall performance of advertising campaigns 


  • Quick and clean to apply
  • Get entire data approximately the person earlier than beginning the decision
  • Generate neighborhood phone numbers to goal clients of a selected area 
  • Collect geo-vicinity of clients for destiny advertising campaigns 


  • Expensive pricing structure
  • Cannot combine with maximum applications 
  • Standard reviews are non-customizable

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