10 of the Best Free Instagram Font Generators (Customize Your Brand)

Every day, Instagram has over a billion active users. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that businesses of all sizes want in on the action. You’re missing out on potential leads and sales if you’re not on Instagram yet. Some businesses and brands even hire Instagram Influencers to help drive traffic to their content in order to gain more traction with customers.

But the popular social media platform is about more than just posting beautiful photos. Other elements are required to make your content stand out. These could be memorable taglines, well-known hashtags, amusing emojis, or custom fonts. When combined, they create enthralling content that will entice the right audiences.

Why Use Instagram Font Generators

Charming photographs aren’t always enough. This is especially true for brands or businesses, which frequently require text to make their content more understandable. If a picture is worth a thousand words, words can be worth millions – literally millions in terms of followers, leads, or even sales in the case of this popular social platform.

However, Instagram’s font selection is limited. In Stories, for example, there are only five options. On the other hand, there is only one in your bio, comments, and captions. Not only that, but they frequently do not do the brand justice. If you frequently use Instagram Stories, for example, this can be a pain because these fonts aren’t visually appealing.

Instagram font generators can help with this. They can assist you in obtaining customised fonts to better explain your photos, promote your advertisements, or include thought-provoking quotes. What’s the best part? The majority of these font generators are free and simple to use.

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FREE Instagram Font Generators

1. Instagram Fonts Generator by Fancyfonts.top

This website contains a plethora of Instagram-compatible fonts. All you have to do is type your text into the box and then select a font. Copy and paste your completed work onto the platform. Voila – better, more aesthetically pleasing text that your readers will adore!

2. Cool Symbol

This service is more than just a font generator; it also includes symbols, emoticons, fancy text decorations, text art, and a handy list of alt codes for cute symbols. Simply click on the desired emoticon or symbol, and it will be copied to your clipboard. Simply type your text into the field of your choice and copy the end result for the font.

3. LingoJam

A simple font generator for when you need something quickly. When you get to the website, all you have to do is enter your text on the left side and it will generate dozens of fonts on the right side. Copy and paste the one you like onto Instagram. This tool is also useful for other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

4. Font Generator

This Instagram font generator has a cool feature that allows you to preview how their fonts will look on your profile before you save it. This is ideal for perfectionists who want to ensure that their content is flawless.

5. IG Fonts Instagram Font Generator

Tired of your Instagram profile having the same old look? Then, to spice up your social media, use trendy fonts! There are dozens of fonts to choose from in this web tool. Looking for something a little different? Create your own with their built-in tool.

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6. Font Changer

With a little help from this Instagram font generator, you can make your words stand out. With pretty text and cool symbols to brighten up your bio and popular emojis to brighten it up, you’re sure to stand out from the crowd.

7. Fontify (Android only)

Android users, rejoice: you can now use these fun fonts to personalize your Instagram profile and content. Simply type in the text, select the font, and copy and paste it into your social media.

8. Sprezz Keyboard (iOS only)

Are you always on your phone? Get this app and you’ll be able to spruce up your Instagram content in no time. 

9. Instagram Fonts Top

Select from italic, bold, stylish, characters, emojis, or decor fonts. Say goodbye to dull bios and hello to a more visually appealing profile in minutes by simply copying and pasting these fonts. Use their cool emojis and special characters to express yourself.

10. Instafonts

Looking for cute customized fonts that you won’t find anywhere else? This font generator not only has over 90 fonts in its repository, but it also has user-generated fonts! That means more one-of-a-kind, out-of-this-world text for your social media profiles.


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