10 Reasons To Have Real Liposomal Vitamin C In Your Wellness Routine

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10 Reasons To Have Real Liposomal Vitamin C In Your Wellness Routine
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Vitamin C is a “Complete” game-changer that improves a variety of body functions, such as strengthening the immune system and protecting joints and arteries from damaging free radicals. 

Since our modern diet lacks many important nutritional components, many people opt for vitamin C supplements to fulfill their vitamin intake. However, traditional vitamin C supplements offer low nutritional value and poor absorption.  

In contrast, Liposomal vitamin C provides increased nutritional value and faster absorption in blood cells due to its encapsulation technology. Unfortunately, many people lack knowledge of liposomal vitamin C and are therefore hesitant to use it. 

This comprehensive guide is going to provide you with ten reasons why you should immediately add real liposomal vitamin C to your wellness routine. 

1. Efficiency 

Liposomes serve as carriers that transport nutrients from the bloodstream to the cells of the body. Unlike vitamin C tablets and supplements which are absorbed in the stomach through stomach acid and digestive enzymes, liposomes ensure a higher amount of vitamin C is available for the body to utilize.

On the side, Real Liposomal Vitamin C can provide the body with an amount of vitamin C thanks, to its innovative encapsulation technology.

2. Gut Health 

As mentioned, liposomal vitamin C gets better absorbed by your body compared to traditional vitamin C supplements. Based on research findings it has been discovered that the body can absorb vitamin C supplements 1.77 times more effectively, than other types of vitamin C supplements. This enhanced absorption may potentially reduce the chances of experiencing bloating and diarrhea which can sometimes be linked to taking vitamin C.

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3. Immunity 

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Vitamin C is widely acknowledged as a micronutrient and a powerful antioxidant that enhances the body’s system. Research has provided evidence suggesting that liposomal vitamin C plays a role, in boosting antibody and white blood cell production enabling the body to better fight off diseases. Moreover, there is proof that liposomal vitamin C effectively mitigates stress, which can compromise the body’s immune system.

4. Vision 

The increased dependency on technology has made the daily struggles of life easier, but it has also initiated a global cataract epidemic.  

Cataracts are responsible, for causing 51% of blindness cases. Despite cataract surgery being the most effective way to restore vision a significant portion of the population lacks access, to hospital facilities.

Vitamin C has been found to act as a shield that protects the eye lens from oxidative damage that is induced by ultraviolet rays of the sun. It also helps regenerate vitamin E and glutathione, which are responsible for increasing the antioxidant capacity of the eye. 

5. Joints 

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Over time our bodies can experience a decrease, in bone density due to factors such as nutrient intake insufficient vitamin D levels, and other physical conditions. This is particularly noticeable in women who’re over 30 years old or have reached menopause as they face a risk of developing osteoporosis, which makes bones more fragile. 

Certain clinical trials have indicated that women who received vitamin C supplements in doses ranging from 100 to 5000 mg showed an increase in bone mineral density by 3% in areas, like the radial shaft, femoral neck, and hip region.

6. Arteries 

Oxidative stress does not impact your eyesight. Also has a negative effect, on the vascular functions of young adults. Consequently, there has been an increase in hypertension cases among adults rising from 9.3% to 11.5% as reported in a study conducted by JAMA.

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Vitamin C has been proven to show beneficial effects and also restore endothelial function during acute inflammation in both younger and older adults.  

The vascular antioxidant capacity and the ability to change the nitric oxide bioavailability of vitamin C help in stabilizing BH4 and could be used as a prominent method to reduce the risk of cardiac arrest.  

7. Diabetes 

Around 422 million people globally suffer from the chronic condition of diabetes, which is the major contributor to blindness, kidney failure, and cardiac arrests. Diabetes was responsible for over 1.5 million global deaths in 2019. 

Vitamin C has been found to enhance the functioning of islet cells, in individuals with type 2 diabetes (T2DM) making it a potential tool for the detection and treatment of diabetes. Moreover vitamin C can also help improve levels and increase insulin sensitivity, in patients.

8. Inflammation 

Obesity, in its form, can lead to hypertension and diabetes causing the release of proinflammatory markers from tissue. After a span of 8 weeks, regular intake of vitamin C showed promising results in reducing levels of interleukin 6 fasting blood glucose, C reactive protein and triglyceride. Given its inflammatory and antioxidant properties, vitamin C could potentially serve as an additional aid, in combating inflammation.

9. Skin Benefits 



Collagen is a fibrous protein found in your body, it is responsible for holding all the organs and muscles, skin, and other systems in place. It is also critical for improving hair and nail growth along with producing skin cells. 

After the age of 35, our body’s natural production of collagen starts to deteriorate. Vitamin C supplement boosts collagen production by maintaining the optimal amount of vitamin C in your body. 

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10. Neurotransmitter support 

Apart from the bone and muscle function, vitamin C is also responsible for synthesizing neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine, as well as paracrine liquid mediators like epoxiecoisatrienoic acids. 

The collection of excitatory amino acids called glutamate in the brain’s extracellular fluid can result in neural problems like Huntington’s disease. The supplemented vitamin C can aid in the clearance of glutamate.  


Vitamin C holds numerous health benefits that can aid you in living a more prosperous and fulfilled life. While traditional vitamin C does not completely get absorbed by the body, Liposomal vitamin C has a unique encapsulation technology that delivers the nutrients directly to the bloodstream. 

In addition, since Liposomal vitamin C delivers more nutritional value per quantity than its counterpart, they are also an economically viable option. 

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