12 Applications to Make Students’ Lives Easier
12 Applications to Make Students’ Lives Easier

12 Applications to Make Students’ Lives Easier

This post was most recently updated on December 21st, 2021

If you are studying at an academic institution, special applications for students can help you do it better. We have created a list of the most useful ones! 


Are you struggling to learn how to write a research paper fast? Reliable courses can be found in the Coursera app. It is the application that is connected with the same service that cooperates with the leading universities. Coursera offers numerous training courses in different thematic areas. You can find a course in the English language and literature, exact sciences, IT, social sciences, such as economics, law, and pedagogy, and many more. 


It is an app for converting printed texts into handwritten ones. It is helpful when you need to present digital versions of notes, lectures, research papers, and essays in a handwritten format for subsequent assessments from the teacher. It is also helpful if you are ready to write and know everything about the topic. If you struggle with writing your essay, special writing services like EssayShark can help you. They provide students with essay samples written on different topics. If you want to learn more about the service, check out this EssayShark review


SoundNote is a popular lecture-saving application for saving material into visual and audio formats, so you won’t miss anything. Quick sketches can also be made in the app, and saved footage can be transferred to your computer or sent by email.

Audio Memos

Students increasingly prefer to record lectures on a device and then analyze and take notes after class. With this app, you can record the lectures. The teacher’s voice will be perfectly distinguishable, even if you are sitting at the other end of the classroom.


This is an application with flashcards that can be used to review material, self-test, or prepare for exams. The app uses information from the curriculum to compose these cards and also allows students to create and exchange cards themselves.

Oxford Dictionary

This is an app for one of the most authoritative English dictionaries for anyone learning in English.

Dragon Anywhere

This is the app for automatic dictation. The application itself adapts to how you dictate, although it only supports English and German.

Exam Countdown

This is an indispensable application for everyone who is preparing for exams, tests, or just wants to do all their homework on time. The application counts the number of days and even hours before each important date and helps students to always remain punctual and prepared.


This popular application helps with time management, boasting a simple interface that allows you to create a convenient schedule for months ahead.

Class Timetable

This is another convenient application with which you can create a simple and understandable timetable for classes in various subjects.


This application can scan documents, recognize texts, and read the written texts. It can work with the iPhone or iPad, digital cameras, and documents which are scanned through directly connected scanners and Wi-Fi scanners.


This useful app is built on the technology of augmented reality. The program will help you learn to draw by hand or upgrade an existing skill.

Use, learn, explore, and discover new things every day! These apps will help you with your studies. 



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