15 Things to Do with Loved Ones in Hospice

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15 Things to Do with Loved Ones in Hospice
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When a loved one is in hospice, the value of time becomes profoundly evident. Every moment is precious, and seeking activities that can make visits enjoyable, meaningful, and comforting is natural. Here are fun and touching activities you can engage in when visiting a loved one in a Glendale or Los Angeles hospice:

Reminisce with Photos

Bring a photo album or digital device filled with pictures from the past. These memories can spark conversations laughter, and provide a delightful journey down memory lane.

Listen to Music

Music has a unique ability to bring out emotions and memories. Create a playlist of their favorite songs or those from their younger years. If they used to play an instrument or sing, they might enjoy a gentle sing-along.

Audiobooks and Podcasts

If they enjoy stories or learning, consider playing audiobooks or podcasts on subjects they love. This can be an engaging way to spend time, especially if reading has become challenging for them.

Crafting Together

Depending on their physical abilities, they can engage in simple crafts. Painting, knitting, or creating a scrapbook can be therapeutic and enjoyable.

Garden Visits

If they have an affinity for nature and the hospice setting allows, take them out to a garden. The fresh air, birdsong, and beauty of nature can be incredibly uplifting.

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Board Games and Puzzles

Simple board games or puzzles can be entertaining and stimulate the mind. Games like checkers, tic-tac-toe, or card games might be apt.

Pet Therapy

Some hospices in Los Angeles allow pets to visit. If your loved one is fond of animals, the presence of a gentle pet can bring immense joy and comfort.

Beauty and Spa Session

Offer them a gentle hand massage, paint their nails, or style their hair. These small pampering activities can boost their mood and provide tactile comfort.

Cook or Bake Together

If facilities and health conditions permit, cook a favorite dish or bake treats. The process can be fun, and enjoying the dish afterward is a bonus.

Meditation and Deep Breathing

Engage in some gentle breathing exercises or guided meditation. This not only helps in relaxation but can also be a bonding experience.

Watch Movies or Shows

Bring a tablet or laptop and watch an old movie, sitcom, or a new show you think they’ll enjoy. Sharing laughter or suspense from a good film can lighten the mood.

Nature Sounds

Play recordings of nature sounds, like a flowing river, chirping birds, or rustling leaves. These sounds can be incredibly soothing and offer a mental escape.

Artistic Expression

Supply them with some coloring books, colored pencils, or watercolors. Drawing or coloring can be both fun and therapeutic.


Please encourage them to share stories from their past, or you could narrate exciting tales. This exchange can be an excellent way to connect and understand each other better.

Star Gazing

If your visit stretches into the evening and they can be moved comfortably, a bit of star gazing from a window or balcony can be magical.

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In conclusion, the primary goal is to create moments of joy, comfort, and connection with your loved one in hospice Glendale located at the Conclusion. The nature of the activities matters less than the love, presence, and intent behind them. It’s about cherishing your moments and making your loved one feel valued, understood, and cared for.


FAQ #1: What is hospice care?

Hospice care is a specialized form of healthcare that focuses on providing comfort and support to individuals with life-limiting illnesses, prioritizing pain management, emotional support, and a peaceful environment.

FAQ #2: How can I create meaningful moments in hospice?

You can create meaningful moments in hospice by engaging in conversations, building memory boxes, sharing stories, enjoying favorite foods, and more, as outlined in the article.

FAQ #3: What are memory boxes, and how can they help?

Memory boxes are containers filled with mementos, photographs, and cherished possessions. They can help evoke cherished memories and provide a sense of comfort and connection.

FAQ #4: Why is the power of presence important?

The power of presence is crucial because simply being there for your loved one, providing a comforting presence, and offering companionship can be incredibly reassuring and comforting during their hospice journey.

FAQ #5: How can I support the emotional needs of loved ones in hospice?

Supporting the emotional needs of loved ones in hospice involves engaging in open conversations, creating meaningful moments, and providing comfort through touch, presence, and activities that bring joy and comfort.

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