17 Renovations That Will Give Your Bathroom a Vintage Look


Vintage bathrooms are fantastic if you are sick of clean lines, bare wood, and ultra-modern fixtures. Today’s antique bathrooms are sumptuous, timeless havens inspired by classic baths of yore.

We have included our finest vintage bathroom ideas and guidance. It will help you renovate your present space or build a new vintage bathroom design.

Vintage Bathroom Designs

Wood paneling or old drapes and blinds may provide vintage charm to the master bathroom. Repurposed, vintage, and antique furnishings all have a place in a well-designed vintage interior.

Using bold colors, favored objects, and a less-is-more approach provides a dynamic, coherent design that honors the style. You just need one accessory to pull together the colors of your vintage bathroom.

1. Beautiful Freestanding Vintage Tub

A bathroom freestanding tub is exactly what it sounds like. The freestanding oval tub doesn’t connect to the wall or the deck around it, so it “stands alone” in the bathroom.

Older properties may feature a historical freestanding oval tub, while modern ones have renovated versions. They hearken back to a period when tubs were more like mobile basins, and freestanding tubs looked like today’s tubs.

There is a wide variety of styles, sizes, and materials to choose from when shopping for a freestanding tub. In terms of visual appeal, they are striking, dramatic, and fashionable.

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A freestanding tub next to shower is an ideal solution in places where an ordinary bathtub wouldn’t fit, such as a corner. It may be used as a task light in the corner of a room, beneath a skylight, or as a decorative piece anywhere else.

2. Claw-Foot Tub

The ageless design, wide interior, and ornamental feet of the 19th-century claw-foot tub make it appealing today. Two granite countertops complement the claw-foot tub’s silver-capped feet and handheld shower head.

3. Mid-Century Accents

Contemporary bathrooms have pedestal sinks and antique crystal sconces with pink silk lampshades. Adding a gilded accent mirror to a modern bathroom is a simple way to achieve a subtle vintage vibe. 

The black-and-white checkerboard tile is so ancient that calling it old is an understatement; it’s a timeless classic.

4. Console Sink

Console sinks are an appealing alternative to pedestal sinks; the basin sits on two slim legs. The round vanity mirror above the sink compliments the sink’s curved shapes and spindly legs, which soften the brick tiles behind it.

5. Vintage Bathroom Tile

Adjusting the grout color may give conventional subway tiles a more contemporary appearance, or vice versa. Tiles measuring 3 by 6 inches are the standard for subway installations. The highlighted 412′′ design is a good compromise between vintage and modern aesthetics.

Whereas the eternal quality of brick may be seen in the stacked subway tile design, the latter is more associated with the present. Depending on personal choice, any option will be stunning.

6. Hexagonal White Mosaic Tile Flooring

There is a solid-color version of the white and black hexagon design available for purchase. In order to add the pattern with the black tile, your installer will need to make cuts in the mesh backing. The black and white tile floor is a low-cost, high-impact method to upgrade your home’s aesthetic.

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7. Mapei Warm Gray Grout

Use Mapei’s warm gray premixed grout if you have many projects happening at once or if you want grout for other purposes. You may relax knowing that the next time you mix grout, the color will be spot on. Premixed grout may be easily kept for future use.

8. Gold-Rimmed Mirrors

Gilded accents have been utilized for centuries to represent wealth, power, and refinement. These luxurious details are just as at home in modern bathrooms as they are in a palace. Look how lovely this gold-framed, round mirror is set against some stylish, subtle wallpaper!

9. Antique and Vintage Elements

Black carpeting, a claw foot tub, mirror frames, sconces, and a wood and glass display case reflect the past. Wall-mounted sinks and pea-green walls give the room a retro sense, but a large houseplant updates it.

10. Elegant Decorated Walls

Try turquoise if you want a timeless space but don’t like white or beige. Black claw-foot tubs, green marble worktops, and dark hardwood floors create a dramatic color palette. Large windows overlooking a verdant countryside make the space seem spacious.

11. Vintage Rugs

This vintage-looking bathroom has white paint, new pedestal sinks, and a freestanding tub. Oriental rugs make dark wood floors cozier and more settled. Nothing screams vintage than having vintage rugs in your bathroom.

12. Feature an Ancient Backsplash

Due to their affinity with older houses and rural settings, vintage designs top country and cottage bathroom ideas lists. However, this includes a facelift. Antique tiles, pastel paint, a vintage basin, and a flea market mirror may update a bathroom to give that vintage look.

You may obtain a similar appearance by covering Victorian-style floral postcards with perspex.

13. Floral Wallpaper

Add a floral accent to your vintage bathroom for a modern farmhouse look. This layout is great for a bathroom next to a bedroom since it creates a continuous flow. Wallpaper and upholstered accessories offer color, pattern, and texture to bathrooms.

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14. Metal Fixtures

You need not install modern amenities to restore the luxurious feel of a bygone era in your bathroom. This custom bathroom has retro-inspired hardware. Brass shower heads and crystal toilet flush levers provide luxury without breaking the wallet.

15. Hand-Painted Wooden Wall Tiles

Retro-inspired bathroom design ideas may include wall paneling. Georgian-style tongue-and-groove paneling may be installed over a weekend. Several manufacturers provide prefabricated panels that a competent homeowner can install and paint.

A carpenter must account for uneven walls while installing cottage paneling. If you appreciate cottage peculiarities, bathroom-safe paneled wallpaper may be a good compromise.

16. Make a One-Of-A-Kind Washstand Out of Repurposed Old Furniture

This Victorian washstand has two contemporary basins on its original shelf, creating a bathroom vanity. Upcycling furniture is not only a smart method to mix old and new but also cheaper than purchasing brand new pieces. Furthermore, it has a lower environmental impact.

17. Purchase Expensive Items

When creating a luxurious space with a retro feel, the choice of materials is crucial. Textural finishes enhance a conventional design that values utility above form. Smooth surfaces, brass fittings, and tiles have always been popular in bathrooms.

The design focuses less on pure function and more on practicality, comfort, and aesthetics.

How Do You Combine Vintage and Modern Bathroom Features?

Before combining modern and vintage bathroom fixtures, consider a few factors. Beautiful vintage bathrooms require 21st-century comforts to be helpful. Combining contemporary and vintage bathroom design adds individuality and function.

Start by choosing Victorian-style bathroom fittings. Consider local craft fairs, antique shops, and flea markets for recovered items. Always deal with a trustworthy dealer and check products before buying.

Floral drapes or wallpaper are fine with modern conveniences. Dressers may be repurposed into sink consoles as antique wall cabinets.


Before upgrading your home, you must understand the history and significance of vintage style. Items out of circulation for an extended period are called “vintage.” Things from the 1990s are also vintage. 

The cost of the update depends on how much you want to renovate and add. We recommend visiting your parents’ and grandparents’ houses before making any significant purchases.

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