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Spirit Box
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Initially, we planned to list and discuss the “scientific instruments” and common routines of ghost-hunting. But the more research, the more we discovered that many routines really could not be addressed. The reason is as follows:

  • It is very simple to know the doubts in these routines, just a little thinking and making good use of it.
  • It is difficult to explain these routines in principle fully. These routines involve not only psychology but also optics, computer science, acoustics, electromagnetism, and other disciplines.

The overview of how the Spirit box works

According to Paranormic.com, the working principle of this Spirit box seems to be very powerful, through various professional techniques, and then communicate with the spirit body. In fact, a bunch of seemingly profound words to make you sound confused on purpose. It is necessary for us to explain these words here.

First of all, for the specific meaning of radio frequency (RF), please refer to Encyclopedia. It refers to the high-frequency electromagnetic waves that this device can collect. EMF literally translates as “electromotive force; induced electromotive force.” Those who have studied physics in junior high school will know this word. The inappropriate point is voltage.

Electromagnetic fields need no explanation.

Vibration waves, which are too broad, generally refer to mechanical waves, but here it obviously refers to electromagnetic waves (it is said that electromagnetic waves are cheap).

Let’s sort it out; this thing collects electromotive force information, electromagnetic wave information, and electromagnetic field information. As for the relationship between electromotive force (electric field), magnetic field, and electromagnetic field, you can refer to some scientific articles. 

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As for the relationship between electromagnetic field and electromagnetic wave, my understanding is that electromagnetic wave is the movement form of the electromagnetic field. If you want to learn more about this knowledge, you can search for relevant open courses on the internet.

To sum up, we will say so many “professional terms”; in fact, it means that this thing can receive radio signals. In order to put it bluntly, the Spirit box collects radio signals and then converts them into acoustic signals. To simplify, can this psychic box be called a radio receiver?

The construction principle of the radio “is to restore the high-frequency signal received from the antenna to an audio signal after detection (demodulation), and send it to the earphone or speaker to become a sound wave.” The construction principles of the two are exactly the same!

In fact, in any film that includes such a device, the device operates and behaves like a broken radio that occasionally picks up the broadcast for a brief moment. Whether it’s the look of the device, the way it “switches,” or the noise it makes, it’s a radio!

How to get the spirit box

But I don’t have a “spiritual box,” and certainly, no seller will disassemble this thing (it will become a radio) for us to find out. Unwilling to give up, I casually googled Spirit Box Radio and how to use a Spirit box, and sure enough, I found a related topic on Paranormic.com. At least according to this personal blog, this thing is a simple radio! Here, there is also a posted purchase link and related information about this device.

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Also, if you want to fully understand how spirit boxes work and the principle it uses for their operation, it would be best to check out this page.

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