19 Experts Explain Why Your Website Isn’t Bringing in Customers


Someone told you to create a website for your business, and you did. But customers didn’t arrive. There are infinite reasons why your web pages are buried deep in search results, so targeted customers cannot find these results. Your website not getting customers is not just your problem; many businesses struggle to achieve that. Here, you will discover insights from 19 experts in web designing, SEO, copywriting, and marketing to help you get through this problem. They told you exactly why some websites fail. Their advice assists you in creating a clear plan for the people who want to launch a website for a business or improve the already existing pages.  

Chris Brogan

The CEO of Owner Media Group suggested that the website should be oriented towards problem-solving. The primary purpose of the website should be to solve problems. People love such websites, and Google too. Most websites are busy telling their greatness, not providing solutions for the issues.

Jacob Cass

Focus on the quality of the service, product, or website design. The Founder of Just Creative suggested that the website focus on results, not features. It is better to tell the potential customers the benefits of the services or products to them.

Ann Handley

The Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs suggested that the website focus on customers and business products or services. It is better to concentrate on products or services rather than what you do or sell, why you are fantastic like stuff.

David Airey

The Graphic Designer of Davidairey.co.uk suggested focusing on building a brand. People tend to utilize your services or buy products of your brand when the quality of those products or services surpasses your brand identity.

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Larry Kim

The Founder of Wordstream suggested acquiring more information about prospects before they approach you. People don’t buy randomly. Instead, they give preference to brands they love. It is better to figure out the ways to reach those customers first. 

Lior Frenkel

The CEO of Frnkl and Nuschool suggested that the website should focus on assisting people so that people know, love, and trust your brand. Most websites’ homepage consists of the ‘know’ part. But that is not sufficient. Instead, having a proper ‘About Me’ with ‘Social Media’ and ‘Subscribe Newsletter’ tabs could make a difference.

Kelsey Meyer

The Co-founder of Influence & Co. suggests that the website should provide customers a reason to come back. It will not happen if you post content once a month. So it is better to create regular content and allow them to revisit. It is advisable to convert leads into customers by educating customers with engaging content and winning their trust.

Paul Jarvis

The Founder of Pjrvs.com suggested that every business should focus on attracting the right people at the right time. It makes no sense if the wrong customer hits your website.

Kyle Courtright

The founder of Courtright Design and Logo Wave suggested that the website be conversion-friendly. It is good to optimize your website with website design services to get your website design solutions.

Jacob Gube

The founder of Six Revisions and Design suggested that the website should improve user experience. The user experience has become a challenge these days. Therefore, hiring a good website design company ensures all your needs to get through this problem.

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Pippin Williamson

The founder of Sandhills Development suggested that the website provides the absolute value of the business products or services. The biggest problem of most companies is they spend more time on the outer look of website design, which means they spend a lot of time making the best website design that stands out instead of focusing on products or services and providing value to customers.

Jeffrey Zeldman

The founder of Studio Zeldman suggested that the website focus on getting more about audience tastes, likings, etc. Don’t make a website to satisfy your board of directors. The practical design begins and ends with research, research, and only research.

Julie Joyce

The Owner & Director of Operations Link Fish Media suggested that the website be usable rather than beautiful. Your priority should be usability. It is simple to keep your eyes on a website for a few seconds, but not more than that. The main issue behind this is its design seems more significant than its usability.

Ian Paget

The Brand Identity Designer of Logo Geek suggested that the website should connect to its words and match up with the business. The human brain takes a long time processing the words than visual elements. A technique like ‘word connect’ is efficient in this scenario. Users tend to attract more towards ‘Buy One Get One Free Banner’ instead of the same in text.

Oli Gardner

The Co-founder of Unbounce suggested that the website should optimize with clarity. It is better to fix the value proposition for your products or services. Customers usually approach a website where they get accurate and reasonable prices for similar products or services across other websites.

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Tom Ross

The CEO of Design Cuts suggested tracking the right metrics at the right time. It is advisable to ignore the one lakh hits with freebie seekers and pay attention to that hundred prospects. It makes you serve the right people and saves time and money. 

Derek Halpern

The founder of Social Triggers suggested adequately appealing to the oblivious, afflicted, informed, or all the above customers. Most businesses target one of these resulting in fewer sales. Instead, target all.

Preston Lee

The Founder of Millo suggested that the website should focus on its primary business goal: turning a website visitor into a consumer. Newsletter subscription and social media following are the secondary goals.

Dann Petty

The Designer and Creator of Freelance.TV suggested that the website should be mobile-friendly. It is the need for time that one should focus on. Around ninety percent of the world’s population uses portable or mobile devices. Do not miss the enormous opportunity.

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