3 benefits of networking for entrepreneurs

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If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur in digital marketing, you need to do networking. It is essential to expand your network To grow your business in the market; that way, you won’t have any setbacks or disastrous results.

As suggested by Mike Hammontree, who is the President of Slay Marketing,

“Network wherever you are. For example, on my last flight to Vegas, I met another man with a brand in Las Vegas, and I had just started talking with him. We talked about business; now, he is a big client for our drone work. Talk to anyone, and you’ll find that your time is much better spent doing that versus sending emails or equivalent.”

Here are a few benefits of networking;

  1. Networking is essential for your business to find new opportunities

When you go for networking, the most significant benefit you will gain from it is new opportunities in the form of partnerships and recruitment growth. Networking allows your business to collaborate with renowned brands, making you break into the market with more success. This change will eventually lead you to promote your business’ image through increased sales and brand awareness.

  • Networking is vital for Entrepreneurs to build referral networks

The best way to increase your networking is to join business networking groups and attend networking events and activities. These events are usually the catalyst that helps in relationship building which will help you build a referral network. Referral Network is essential in business; some people work with others through references because of liking and trust.

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To make referral networks, you need to meet and build your rapport, as it is one of the most cost-effective ways to build your business through networking. Always remember that if a particular connection isn’t interested in buying your product or service, that doesn’t mean they don’t know anyone interested.

  •  A chance to help others

As far as we know, networking is about building connections and making your business flourish. Still, the other aspect of the business is that there will be times when you have to help other entrepreneurs who are beginners just like you. Maybe you have a connection that is not interested in your product, but perhaps the development of their interest is something that your acquaintance has. Though this may not give your immediate business results, remember that incorporating kindness and generosity into your business relationships will put you in a healthier position for recommendations in the future.

If you’re a new business owner or have been in the game for a while, business networking is essential. Harboring healthy business connections can benefit your business and leadership development more than you might realize.

Though these are some of the essential benefits you might gain from networking, Mike Hammontree has proof that he has managed to create a fortune out of his business through networking.

Mike Hammontree

Mike began by posting hilarious videos every other day with his cousins, Josh Saenz and Ryan Fenwick hoping to get a lot of likes and engage the audience through the post. It wasn’t until one of his videos received 50,000 likes overnight that he began making a career out of it. In reality, it opened numerous doors for him, allowing him to collaborate with top producers and become acquainted with many superstars. Through there, he created his network with other influencers like him, including Tanner Braungardt, Zeyad Zoromba, PashaTheBoss (Pasha Petkuns), Corey Scherer, Risk House, Alpha House, Brighton Sharbino, and Sawyer Sharbino.

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When Vine died, Mike eventually transferred his following and his colleagues to TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, where they then joined his Slay Marketing Agency. His firm is a full-service supplier that manages the accounts of celebrities and influencers.

In his career, he has created Digital commercials for Amazon, Brand campaigns for Boohoo, IPSY, FabFitFun, Sony Music, Capital Music Group, and more. Mike also helped achieve 2x Platinum status for ‘Throat Baby,’ for which he received a plaque. + many more songs he brought platinum and 2x platinum status to in the USA.

Mike is a world-renowned talent manager and entrepreneur in the social media space with a wealth of connections and experience helping bring brands, music, and people to market in new and intuitive ways.

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