4 Mma Drills For A Bikini Body

4 Mma Drills For A Bikini Body
4 Mma Drills For A Bikini Body

Less is more when it comes to MMA fighters’ bodies. Because MMA uses so many different techniques, the entire body is worked.

Women are underrepresented in the sport, but there are hottest mma female fighters who have made a name for themselves.

Here are four drills that will get you in fighting shape.

Fast Fat Loss

This routine is beneficial to anyone, regardless of MMA experience, knowledge of left hooks, or desire to fight. Follow these 6 drills to get the bikini body of your dreams. It also requires no equipment, which is a bonus.

4 MMA Drills To Get In Shape

As your fitness increases, extend each drill. Beginners should ease into it gradually. Slow down. Put these drills together how you desire. During relaxation intervals, move about. Make it a good one. It signifies movement. Circular or stroke your arms. Focused and ready for the next drill. Soak up some water while resting.

Cross Hop

Cross hops not only tone your legs and quads but also your lungs and heart. Cross hops help develop timing and coordination in MMA as well.

>Cross-Hopping Technique:

Set up across on the floor in front of you with towels, clothes, or string. Imagine a cross on the ground if none are available.

Stand an inch apart.

On the balls of your feet, hop back and forth across the lines. Try to land gently and as low as possible.

Hop in a clockwise, counterclockwise, or diagonal direction.

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Improve your cross-shopping skills by alternating between 1 and 2 feet.

Squat Jumping

Jump squats are the ultimate leg and butt workout. Jumping squats are the best way to shape and tone your glutes. They also boost your explosiveness, which helps with powerful kicks.

>Jumping Squat Form:

Feet shoulder-width apart

Squat until your thighs are nearly parallel to the ground. Let your arms hang down to the floor.

Jump as high as you can, arms straight and fingers extended. Like you’re reaching for the stars.

Complete 1 rep by landing on the balls of your feet and squatting. Repeat.

To avoid straining your back, keep your knees bent.

Then land facing the opposite direction. This strengthens the core and improves agility.

Shadow Box With Jab-Cross

Intensely punching a fictitious opponent will tone your arms, and shoulders, and build mental focus. Every MMA fighter must do this.


The guard position is performed with the left foot forward, elbows bent in front of the ribs, and hands lightly clenched. (If you’re left-handed, reverse the directions)

Imagine a foe in front of you.

Extend your left arm forward, palm down, and quickly retract your arm to the guard position.

Then extend your right arm forward, palm down, and counterclockwise rotate your hips. Then reposition your arm to guard.

Repeat the punches and switch up the combination. jab/cross/jab

Move around while punching.

1 minute of jab-cross combo without pausing. Say “No” to sculpted deltoids and triceps when your arms beg you to stop.

Bear Crawl

To take down an opponent, bear crawls work the entire body as a unit.

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>Bear Crawling:

Preparing the room for crawling requires clearing a path through it.

Hands directly under shoulders, neutral spine.

Lean forward and lift your knees off the ground.

Advance your left hand and right leg. Next, simultaneously move your right hand and left leg. Make a bear crawl across the room by doing this.

When crawling, keep your knees off the ground.

Intensify your bear crawls every 10 seconds (crawling backward).