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When it comes to shopping for the best lab-grown diamonds wholesale, one key factor you need to consider is the shape of the stones. Today, lab-created stones are available in several shapes. Since you’re looking to buy these products in bulk, you should only go for the most popular shapes, such as pear cut and oval brilliant.

In the rest of this post, you’ll discover 4 different lab-grown diamond shapes, including why you should go for them on LG Deal.

List of the top 4 most popular lab-grown diamond shapes

As a wholesale diamond buyer, there are tons of reasons why it makes a lot of sense to go for lab-grown diamonds of the most popular shapes. While these stones usually come with expensive price tags, the good thing is that you’ll get to resell them quickly at your retail store. That said, the following are the most popular lab-created stone shapes you should consider when next you’re shopping on LG Deal.

1. Oval brilliant 

Are you looking to add fancy lab-grown diamonds to your wholesale list of diamonds to buy? If yes, then it makes a lot of sense to go for the oval brilliant-shaped products. It comes with an elongated design, which often makes it look a lot larger than other lab-grown diamond shapes.

Apart from the elongated design, oval brilliant-shaped lab-created diamonds often come with a slender body. With this feature, these diamonds often look more beautiful and durable. Another highlighting feature of this product is that they don’t always have sharp corners. As such, you can always rest assured of chipping issues.

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2. Emerald cut

Emerald cut diamonds are very popular on LG Deal. This product is usually available in a rectangular shape. However, you can also see an emerald-cut diamond in a square shape.

One highlighting feature of emerald cut diamonds is that they’re hard to chip. That aside, they also tend to look larger than several other different diamond shapes.

3. Round Brilliant

Like oval brilliant diamonds, buying round brilliant lab-grown diamonds in bulk is also worth it. For many years, round diamonds have maintained their top position on almost every trend chart. As such they are very popular and a perfect addition to your list of lab-grown diamonds wholesale. These diamonds are classic timeless pieces. As such, they never go out of style. 

4. Pear cut

When looking to buy wholesale diamonds, another popular lab-created diamond shape you should consider in your list is the pear cut. These products are usually a combination of both the round brilliant cut and the marquise cut. They often come with an elongated design, which makes them look very large on fingers.

Where to buy lab-grown diamonds of different shapes?

LG Deal is one of the best marketplaces out there for lab-grown diamonds. This platform is perfect for both sellers and wholesale diamond buyers.  You’ll see different diamond shapes on this platform. That’s not all; you’ll get to find some of the best lab-grown diamond producers for your wholesale needs. Learn more about how buying lab-created diamonds on LG Deal works.


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