4 US Cities You Should Visit During the Winter Holidays

4 US Cities You Should Visit During the Winter Holidays
4 US Cities You Should Visit During the Winter Holidays
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The US is one of the most attractive countries for tourists. And the truth is, there are many places where you can enjoy yourself during the winter in America with benefits for the soul and body. 

You can visit thermal springs and luxurious beaches or go skiing. See the wonderful sights of nature and culture, go on an excursion tour, or immerse yourself in the nightlife of the city. And, of course, go shopping in the most popular department stores, outlets, and malls. And all this is available even on a student’s budget.

To make your winter holiday perfect, you need a few simple steps. Choose what you want to do (relaxing or active pastime). Pick the city on the map accordingly. To allow yourself enough time, address college paper writing service experts to manage your assignments. Invite your friends or family with you. And, of course, pack your bag!

To help you with planning, let’s look at some of the amazing cities in the US that might be a perfect match for your getaway in winter.

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If you are craving sun and beaches – go to Miami. This is the main resort in Florida and is extremely popular with both American residents and tourists. 

The most famous resort on the coast is Miami Beach. It belongs to the number of the largest fashionable resort places. But here, you can also relax on a modest budget – the main thing is to choose your hotel, cafes, and entertainment centers wisely.

For a romantic getaway, head to Crandon Park. This beach is quiet (due to being on a separate island) and exotically beautiful. Lammas Park, which has a children’s town and sports fields, is suitable for a family trip. South Beach is famous for its incredible nightlife, where famous parties are held, and music videos are shot.

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One of the most famous attractions is the Miami Seaquarium. Here you can meet endangered sea turtles and manatees, penguins, and dolphins. The warm tropical climate allows outdoor performances at any time of the year. Also, the famous “Flipper” and “Salty” movies were filmed here. Apparently, this is one of the best oceanariums in the world! 

If you love animals, you must go to Miami Zoo – the only tropical zoo in the United States. Also, you will be interested in visiting Parrot Jungle and Monkey Jungle.


This is another perfect sunny spot. Everyone dreams of getting to this heavenly corner. After all, the most beautiful and most comfortable beaches on the planet are located here. 

Hawaii is the perfect place to be if you miss the summer. For sure, you will remember this vacation for a lifetime. Take hundreds of flawless photos against the background of the blue sea, mysterious jungles, majestic waterfalls, active volcanoes, and raging rivers. Only in Hawaii can you see green sand at Green Sand Beach, located on the Big Island. 

On the island of Oahu, we recommend you visit Hanauma Bay, Lanikai, and Waikiki. Oahu is the most developed of all the Hawaiian islands. The Hawaii Convention Center on Oahu hosts a free monthly entertainment session, “Sunset on the Roof.” It offers live music, movies, and a variety of food. Bring blankets, mats, or deckchairs and enjoy the perfect view. 

If you happen to be on the Maui island – visit Kapalua and Lahaina, on the Kauai island – check out Haena and Kalalau. You’ll find elite vacation options on Lanai island. It’s easy to diversify your leisure in Hawaii – go surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, and take part in night shows. Also, pay a visit to Pearl Harbor.

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Cold Bay

Those of you who thrive in cold weather and like places with history – think about going to Alaska. The small town of Cold Bay is located on the very picturesque territory of the Shishaldin volcano. It was officially established in August 1941 as an indoor military base of the United States. 

This base was supposed to protect the city from an attack by the Japanese. General William Bakker disguised the former military base as a cannery, although it still housed military equipment.

During the Vietnam War in the 1960s, Cold Bay’s military industry flourished again. Have you heard about Flying Tigers? This extremely famous squadron was actually stationed here. Today, the city of Cold Bay is the center of Aeroflot for the entire Aleutian region.

The city’s main attraction is the 1,700-kilometer-long Izembek National Wildlife Refuge. It can be reached with some difficulty on a gravel road from Cold Bay. 

This reserve protects various species of animals, such as bears, deer, seals, and sea lions, as well as the majestic and magical kings of the sea – whales. The lagoon, which is 390 square kilometers big, ten miles from Cold Bay, has extensive bird pastures with a wide variety of vegetation. Izembek lagoon is home to very different species – from brown bears to Pacific salmon. 

The landscape formed by volcanoes and glaciers will definitely take your breath away. And pastel pink and blue winter sunsets here are simply incredible!


Source: https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/view-chicago-skyline-lake-by-night-usa_23694289.htm

Are you a fan of the Great Gatsby? Do you like jazz? If yes – your destination should be Chicago. This city can be called a symbol of the 20s – 30s and the Great Depression. Here you can go to a jazz club with an interior that has not changed since the thirties. For example, the Green Mill, where Al Capone sat with his friends. The waiter will gladly show you the favorite bar stool of America’s famous mobster.

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However, Chicago is not only about the Great Depression. It is a springboard for the latest architectural research and innovation. And you might have already seen it on TV. In the movie “House by the Lake,” the character of Keanu Reeves takes Sandra Bullock on a special excursion around the most beautiful houses in Chicago.

If you are looking for a romantic experience, take a ride on the vintage Elevated Subway (EL) and then on the river tram along the Chicago River, which flows into Lake Michigan. Standing on the deck at the stars and stripes flag with a proudly raised head, enjoy the view of the skyscrapers. At the weekend, listen to classical music performed by the Great Symphony Orchestra in Millennium Park.

Chicago is actually an extremely windy city, so don’t forget to pack your warm clothes. But don’t let the cold prevent you from having fun: ice skating in Millennium Park and shopping on world-famous Michigan Avenue. And those are just a couple of the many activities available to visitors of the city during the cold winter months.


We hope that our article gave you some inspiration and you will have the most amazing winter vacation!

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