5 Amazing Saree Brands You Should Try In 2022

India's culture is vast and different, the desire for sarees is universal. Every state in India has its own style of saree

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Despite the fact that India’s culture is vast and different, the desire for sarees is universal. Every state in India has its own style of saree, and they are all just as beautiful. Every woman in India wears sarees proudly as a symbol of their culture and heritage. In India, there are a plethora of manufacturers that produce exquisite sarees and are constantly adding to their collections to stay up with changing trends. We’ve compiled a list of the best saree brands in India for you to peruse.


The sarees of BharatSthali are designed to be distinctive, appealing, and exquisite. One of India’s most popular saree brands is this one. Bharatsthali has a strong web presence and offers sarees from roughly 25 states. The company is now selling handloom cloth via the internet to its customers.

The brand’s main purpose is to infuse regional individuality and uniqueness into each saree you purchase, as well as to take you on a trip through India’s rich history.


Glowmorous is also one such brand that has a wide range of Kani Silk Sarees. Their goal is to promote this indigenous skill on a worldwide scale in order to preserve Kashmiri Embroidery and offer jobs for those involved. Each of their pieces is a beautiful combination of immaculate craftsmanship and modern-day fashion, carefully made with a rich historic heritage in mind. 

You can pick from a large choice of Indian ethnic products at Glowmorus. Their Kani Silk Saree is one of the best products which features expert weaving, interesting embroidery, unique color combinations, and spectacular patterns.

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Apeksha, a Surat-based designer, founded DesiButik on a mission to put comfortable Indian fashion on the world map. With thousands of dedicated clients, it has become one of India’s most popular ethnic fashion businesses. 

The DesiButik Trends Saree is a lovely green saree with heavily zari-worked border lace. It comes with a basic silk blouse that complements the saree well. On the neckline of the blouse, there is some embroidered work, which gives it a luxurious sense.


If you’re seeking lovely sarees for this wedding season, Sabyasachi Mukherjee sarees are for you. Sabyasachi is the name of a well-known Indian designer from Kolkata, Sabyasachi Mukherjee. These sarees are fantastic for weddings. Sarees by Sabyasachi have been shown in a number of major cities throughout the world.

The sarees are meticulously hand-loomed and handmade by the designers. Sabyasachi is a worldwide luxury brand that mixes traditional procedures with modern designs to deliver high-quality products with every purchase. It features the perfect sarees and lehengas for a contemporary Indian bride.


When it comes to silk sarees, Mimosa is one of the most well-known brands. They’ve been doing this for almost a decade. Raw Silk, Crepe, Banarasi, Net, Art Silk Sarees, Art Kanchipuram Silk, Cotton, Chiffon Sarees, Tussar Silk, and so on are among the fabrics available. Mimosa is proud of its blend of heritage and youthfulness. You’ll get an unstitched blouse piece with practically all of their sarees. Almost all of its goods have received positive reviews on Amazon. This dress is appropriate for both a party and a business setting. If you enjoy wearing a silk saree, I believe you should give them a try.

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