The 10 Most Luxurious and Expensive Kinds of Wood for Furniture

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Do you know that a single wood type can make all the difference in your furniture? One luxurious and expensive wood can last for more than decades in your home. Isn’t that great!

Who can deny the charm of solid wood furniture in the most luxurious form? Your furniture pieces can last more than decades with proper care and expert construction. If you want your furniture to be expensive and last for years, this post is for you. We will discuss the most expensive and reliable wood types right here.

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You must have heard the term high-end furniture. Well, what makes the furniture high quality is its wood material. That is why it is costly and worthy at the same time. With their style, design, material, color, and finish, such wooden pieces run down from generation to generation. So, let’s take a look at the most luxurious and expensive wood types below:

  1. Sandalwood
  2. Purple heartwood
  3. Pink ivory
  4. Agarwood
  5. African Blackwood
  6. Lignum vitae
  7. Bocote wood
  8. Bubinga
  9. Ebony wood
  10. Dalbergia


You know wood is of good quality hen it is versatile and applicable in many forms. The same goes for sandalwood! It is a wood type that comes with a natural fragrance and sturdiness. It is used in oils and the making of reliable furniture. Based on its rarity level, sandalwood is very expensive in the market today.

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Purple Heartwood:

Yes, that is the purple timber. No polish, no added resins. It is the charm of Purple Heart wood these days. You are likely to find this wood type in the luxury furniture articles, such as premium gallery furniture. What happens is that this type of wood changes its color due to aging and heavy rain. Due to its rarity and cost, this type of timber is used in smaller projects.

Pink ivory:

It is one of the hardest and the most beautiful wood types found in Zimbabwe. Moreover, it is durable and desirable for its material and reddish hue. This wood material is rare for larger wooden pieces, so it is used in small objects such as pens, knives, and butcher blocks.


This type of wood is not something that is grown or made synthetically. It is found as a result of a natural accident. Plants inject mold, which creates a fragrant wood as its side effect. Depending on its quality and density, a small wooden piece can go a long way. Furthermore, agarwood is also used in expensive perfumes.

African Blackwood:

As the name reflects, this type of wood is found in the forests of Africa. Moreover, it is black in color, making it more desirable for accented luxury pieces. What makes it more beautiful is the black color outside and the light veins inside. This wood type is sure to bring variation in premium-quality furniture.  

Lignum vitae:

This painted wood material is desirable for its multi-hues and longevity. The experts say that lignum wood is as hard as it is beautiful. In addition, it is also used in cricket balls and other smaller applications.  

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Bocote wood:

The grainy pattern of this wood type makes it naturally appealing. With no more additions, this wood type is used in expensive wooden pieces- at the highest rates in the market. This material is not only great for furniture but also for expensive flooring. Its looks are worth the price.


Bubinga is a vibrant wood type famous for its looks and durability. It can handle humidity and sudden temperature changes perfectly. Red wooden pieces of premium gallery furniture are a great example of this wood type. Honestly, this wood type is worth the cost of ten thousand dollars.  

Ebony wood:

Ebony wood is dense and more delightful than Blackwood. Furthermore, it is an ideal choice for dark-hued and standard furniture pieces. The light hues on its surface make it more versatile and luxurious at the same time. The furniture made from this wood type looks more appealing as it ages.  


This is another pricey wood type that ranks itself in the top ten categories. It is multi-hued, unique, and expensive. It grows in a specific region, so it is pricier than you think. Also, its colors can vary depending on the region they grow in. Here are also the Top 10 Types of Luxury Chairs


The cost of wood types can vary based on their colors, species, veiny pattern, and hardness. The furniture designed from these wood types is usually carefully crafted with a high price tag. Sandalwood, lignum vitae, African Blackwood, agarwood, pink heartwood, and others fall into the most luxurious and expensive woods. You know it’s worth buying when it comes to their looks and quality.

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