5 Tips To Help You Choose A Quality T-Shirt

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This post was most recently updated on April 11th, 2022

It is crucial to choose the right T-shirt. T-shirts are a staple in every wardrobe. T-shirts are a versatile and comfortable choice that can be worn with any look.

It can be difficult to find the perfect T-shirt. The team at Twisted Thread has put together a guide that will help you choose the right crypto tee.

1. Take into account the type of material and fabric

Choose 100% cotton fabric and not any fabric blends like polyester. Cotton fabric is durable and easy to maintain. It also allows for your skin to breathe.

Ring-spun cotton is softer and more comfortable that normal cotton. Avoid using polyester in your shirts. This is because polyester shrinks, stretches, or thins as other materials change form. Your shirt will be oddly proportioned, with some parts being tighter than others.

Select a high-quality cotton tee shirt. Twisted Thread’s T-Shirt range is made from 100% combed cotton, which gives it a soft feel and high quality 30 singles thread weight. A 30/s shirt for men is considered a high-quality, fine, and soft shirt.

2. Make sure to check the measurements and size.

Comfort should be your primary consideration when choosing the right size shirt. Shirts will inevitably shrink over time. Therefore, choose a slim or small-sized shirt. After a few washes, you will find a perfect fit.

Don’t make a mistake about your size. Avoid buying shirts that are too large or too small. Many online shops offer size charts that compare countries and provide information about your body to help you choose the right size.

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3. Check the Overall Fit

The T-shirt sizes ‘Fit’, ‘Size’ and Style’ differ. Some people might have a larger waist, so a longer-hemmed shirt may be best for them.

Shirts are usually labeled with information about the fit and type of design. Brands may use different terminology, but the following guidelines should be followed:

Slim Fit This fit is for those with small waists and is popular among female buyers.

Regular Fit A basic design that is suitable for most people

Tall (for people taller than 6 feet)

4. Take a look at the Stitching & Seams

Make sure to inspect all areas, including the collars, sleeves, and hems. Do not skimp on quality. After all, stitching and seams keep a shirt together.

Check the seams. Run down the shirt’s side, around the sleeves, and along the shoulder top. Good quality shirts usually have only one line of stitching. However, some shirts have two.

5. Know the colors and prints of your T-Shirts

Solid colors are still a popular choice for t-shirts, but patterns and designs are becoming more popular in this age. Any visual design, such as writings, pictures, or patterns, can be printed on shirts, provided that the material allows it.

A better fabric will allow for more vibrant and clear designs, as well as a longer-lasting design. The quality of the thread will determine the clarity and durability of the printed design, regardless of whether the shirt is solid or not.

Make sure that your prints aren’t cracked or peeled. They will ruin the shirt’s quality and cause it to wear quickly. Avoid abstract-looking shirts by making sure that the patterns are aligned at the seams. If you choose to embroider your shirts, make sure that the stitching is perfect.