6 Dermatologist Approved Ways To Permanently Reduce Acne Scars

Acne Scars

If you’re in Mumbai, there are a number of ways of acne scars treatment. Among them are Micro-needling, PRP, Dermal fillers, and Laser skin resurfacing. These techniques can help you to get the clear skin you deserve.


Micro-needling is a popular acne scars treatment in Mumbai that has been found to be effective in improving the appearance of acne scars. This is an easy, affordable and chemical free way to improve the appearance of your skin.

During micro-needling, tiny needles are used to puncture the skin. This creates a burst of radiofrequency energy that stimulates the body’s natural collagen and elastin production. These new tissues help smooth out fine lines, wrinkles and pores.

When combined with other treatments, micro-needling can also reduce post-inflammatory pigmentation. The procedure can be performed on dark skin tones, and it is considered safe for patients of all skin types.

Generally, a numbing cream is applied prior to micro-needling. Patients can expect minor side effects such as redness and bruising. It is important to avoid direct sun exposure after the treatment.

Dermal fillers

If you are wondering if dermal fillers are a good option for acne scar treatment in Mumbai, you are not alone. Dermal fillers are injections that can instantly lift and improve your acne scars.

There are various types of dermal fillers available, such as Sculptra, Juvederm, Belotero, and Restylane. Each has a different chemical makeup. Some are long-lasting while others are temporary. The best type of filler depends on your skin type.

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Dermal fillers are used to replace lost facial volume, smooth out lines and creases, and add contours to the face. They are also used to restore plump lips and cheeks, and create a youthful appearance.

Laser skin resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is a procedure in which the top layer of the acne scar is removed. It is performed by the best dermatologist in Mumbai who use laser rays to remove the outer layer of the skin.

This process can help reduce the appearance of scars and give the skin a smoother, more even tone. However, the procedure can cause unwanted side effects such as peeling, redness, and swelling.

The cost of laser skin resurfacing varies depending on the type of treatment, the doctor’s experience, and the hospital you choose. Prices vary between 5-10 percent.

Aside from the cost, you should also consider the downtime and post-surgery care. If you have a darker complexion, you may notice some discoloration of the skin after the procedure. You should avoid sun exposure and use a high-quality sunscreen. Also, you should use an ointment to prevent scab formation.


Dermaroller acne scars treatment in Mumbai is a micro-needling procedure that aims at treating the scars caused by acne. It is a non-surgical treatment that stimulates natural collagen reproduction.

Microneedling is a skin treatment that involves puncturing pores to enhance the production of new collagen and elastin. In turn, these substances make the skin smoother and healthier. Consult with the best dermatologist before any treatment.

The treatment can be performed on any part of the body. However, it’s not recommended for people with open wounds. A topical local anaesthetic is used to ease the discomfort of the treatment.

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The procedure is usually completed in about 30 minutes. Post-treatment, the affected area may be red and slightly sore. The healing process can take a week. During this time, it’s best to avoid the sun.


PRP acne scars treatment in Mumbai is a non-surgical treatment that works by stimulating the body’s natural healing processes. It has a number of benefits, including skin rejuvenation and improved tone and texture. However, results are not always immediate. This is because the healing process takes time.

PRP is also known to help reduce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, a common side effect of certain acne treatments. If you are interested in this technique, you can book a consultation with the best dermatologist in Mumbai. The doctor will review your condition and develop a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Depending on your goals, the procedure can be performed by using your own blood or platelets. Injections are done directly under the skin. Platelets have the potential to increase the production of collagen in areas that have lost elasticity. They also contain growth factors, which aid in the healing process.


Exfoliation is a skin care technique that removes dead skin cells from the outermost layer of the skin. It also stimulates collagen production and keeps the pores clear. If you are suffering from acne, exfoliation can help improve the look and feel of your skin.

When choosing an exfoliation method, you should consider your skin type and the severity of your acne. For instance, if you have a darker complexion, you might want to avoid strong chemical treatments. Also, some products can cause peeling and sensitivity in your skin.

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Chemical exfoliants such as glycolic acid and salicylic acid can be used to unclog pores, eliminate dark spots, and combat hyperpigmentation. They are often combined with topical treatments to combat inflammatory acne.

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