6 Steps To Improving Your Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is where the money is. According to Statista’s research, e-commerce accounts for $8.1 trillion worth of sales globally. If you own a business, going digital the right way is more critical than ever. Here are six straightforward ways to upgrade your digital marketing. 

1. Build a Better Website

The first impression that many customers get of a brand is the company’s website or social media presence. Having an obsolete-looking or user-unfriendly site can turn consumers away quickly. Even the color scheme makes a huge difference. Research color psychology and text layout science. It’s also worthwhile to acquire digital tools to simplify the revamping process. For example, if you have a WordPress blog, you can research WordPress Web Development tools. Remember: your website communicates your company’s vision. Build that channel with intent. 

2. Focus on Written Content

One thing that should certainly be a part of your web presence is engaging content. Posting videos of products in action to TikTok or Facebook is invaluable publicity. Don’t just post trendy videos at the expense of more in-depth content, though. Research shows that long-form written content builds organic traffic, establishes brand credibility, and lends itself to search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. Video can reach a broad audience, but the written word still gives an impression of authenticity that can’t be replaced. 

3. Integrate Your Strategies Across Multiple Channels

Engaging the public through multiple channels has many advantages. A traditional multichannel approach takes a straightforward approach to cross-promotion. The same promotion is spread across all channels in the hope that the medium itself will be the message. Omnichannel marketing takes things a step further. Content is interconnected and tailored to the particulars of each channel. In this way, customers can customize their brand journey. Either method can be used to construct effective digital marketing campaigns.

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4. Leverage Automated Tools

Another essential component of good digital marketing is making the most of automation and machine learning. A wide array of tools is now available for affordable prices. Project management tools can streamline team communications, and time-tracking apps simplify payroll. The advent of low-code programming puts app design in the hands of non-experts for the first time. 

Customer relationship management software is especially beneficial to marketing teams. These systems can track a customer’s journey with your company, and add-ons to the platforms can largely automate email outreach. Digital efficiency boosters like these are worth considering.

5. Have Strong Analytics

Digital marketing analytics software helps advertisers to forecast campaign performance and track effectiveness in real-time. This sort of number-crunching is especially vital in social media marketing because clicks and views provide an objective metric for gauging performance. Predictive algorithms and competitive analysis are beneficial tools for learning where you’re headed…and where your competitors already are. Remember that analytics goes both ways. Using analytical suites to track inefficiencies within your operations can mitigate loss and keep revenue on track. 

6. Prioritize Market Research

Too many entrepreneurs know too little about the people they mean to serve. High-quality market research should consist of two approaches: qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative research is all about understanding human behavior and motivation. Focus groups, social media comments, and open-ended survey questions are all qualitative methods. Quantitative analysis, on the other hand, takes a hard look at demographics, polling, and statistics. Both are equally necessary.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that market research is one-and-done. Having an agile marketing campaign means tracking the shifting demands of customers and anticipating the next “big thing” to hit the market. Cultures adapt to changing circumstances. Marketers must adapt to those changing cultures. Consider utilizing automation in research as well as outreach. Sometimes a well-written algorithm will notice something you didn’t.

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You don’t have to be an expert to make an impact online. Keeping a few key strategies in mind will make all the difference. Use these tips as stepping stones to building a more effective web presence. 

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