6 Ways Top Interior Designers in Kolkata Make Your Life Easy as a Homeowner

top interior designers in Kolkata

This post was most recently updated on April 30th, 2022

Congratulations! Whether you have bought a new house or an apartment, you deserve the warmest compliments as that is quite an achievement. And we are sure it looks awesome on the outside. But have you thought about the interiors? You deserve beautiful, comfortable and practical interiors that reflect your style, personality, attitude and aspirations. Which is why, getting in touch with the top interior designers in Kolkata is a good idea. They can put together that perfect home for you and they don’t cost the earth. Here are 6 ways in which such professionals can make your life easy, even if you are planning to give your old home a makeover!

1.  They Help You Visualise The Outcome

The top interior designers in Kolkata will always find out what you want first. They will hold an in-depth discussion with you to understand your preferences, budget, and only then offer their suggestions and ideas. The best part is they will use 3D modelling software or tools to show you how your interiors might look like finally. You will get to see different scenarios that use different layouts, designs, colours, materials, textures and furniture pieces, so that you can choose wisely. Whether you want ultramodern interiors or something traditional or something opulent, expert interior designers can conjure up a vision of the same easily.

2.  They Know What Materials and Textures to Pick

While the market is flooded with materials of every kind possible, from stone and ceramic to wood, vinyl, MDF and more, only the top interior designers in Kolkata can suggest what might be the best for your project. They will know reliable vendors for sourcing durable, high-quality materials that are worth their prices. Even when it comes to textures, be it for wall claddings, floors, or your sofa fabric, interior designers can decide what will be ideal for your project, taste and budget. For instance, if a luxurious theme is on your mind, they might suggest marble tiles for the floors or rich wooden panelling for the walls. To make a simple, small bathroom attractive, they might suggest textured wall tiles. They might advise on using textured paint to liven up a dull wall in the kids’ room too.

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3.  They have a Keen Eye for Colours

Colours can make or break your home. And the top interior designers in Kolkata know that. They can suggest the perfect colours based on the dimensions of a room, the amount of natural light it gets, the purpose of the room, the mood you crave in it, as well as the ease of maintenance. For instance, to make a small room appear spacious, professionals might use white, cream or soft pastel hues. They might even combine two or more colours where it is crucial to highlight architectural details. They can tell you exactly what colour will look amazing on an accent wall. Moreover, they can help you choose all the furniture and furnishings based on the colour of your walls!  

4.  They can Handle all The Mundane But Vital Tasks

Most of the top interior designers in Kolkata know that a home is not just about what looks pretty or is an aesthetic essential. Getting your house in order also requires focus on electrical wirings, plumbing, and heating and cooling mechanisms. And this is exactly where professional designers can guide you and solve any problem. For example, they will make sure that all the wirings are in shipshape and yet concealed, so that your rooms look neat and clean. Plus, it will prevent accidents too. Interior designers will also make sure that the plumbing work is done correctly, and the pipes are out of sight, so that the bathrooms looks trendy and organised.  

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5.  They Know How to Add Personality

The best interior designers are those who know that every home and its residents are different. Which is why, no two design or décor schemes can be the same. In other words, professionals can lend a unique touch to your interiors, by incorporating designs and décor accents that are meaningful and reflect who you are and what you hold precious in life. They might give a vintage trunk a fresh coat of paint to turn it into a lovely coffee table. They might recycle old wooden stuff to craft beautiful shelves, cabinets or even a rocking chair. They will know how to create a stunning gallery of your favourite paintings, showcase your prized china collection, or put together a refreshing interior garden.    

6.      They are Experts at Experimenting with Lights

Hiring one of the top interior designers in Kolkata means you can forget about all your confusion regarding the illumination of different rooms. These professionals know how to combine task, accent and ambient lights to make every room inviting, convenient, functional and yet visually appealing. They have in-depth knowledge about mood lighting, decorative lighting, and of course, the kind of lights you can control with an app.  

All in all, the top and low budget interior designers in Kolkata can bring creativity, innovation and beauty to your table. And they are completely worth the fees they charge. All you need to do is research well, compare multiple agencies, get quotes from them, assess your needs, and then make an informed choice.