7+ Best Chess Anime That You Must Watch!

7+ Best Chess Anime That You Must Watch!
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Chess, the old round of manner and acumen, has tracked down its direction into the universe of anime, enamoring crowds with exciting matches and necessary quarrels.

Anime fans and chess devotees the same can Indulge in a captivating blend of mental master plan, character development, and intense challenges when you explore a variety of anime series with chess themes.

We look at eight or more best chess anime that you should watch in this article. Each one has a different take on the game and how it affects the characters in it.

No Game No Life – Chess in a Fantasy World

“No Game No Life” catapults viewers into a mesmerizing fantasy world where the dynamics of chess take on an entirely new dimension. Sora and Shiro, a brother-sister duo collectively known as Blank, find themselves transported to a realm where conflicts are resolved through games, and chess is at the forefront of these strategic battles. If you wish to explore the anime series more extensively, feel free to explore the original manga on 漫画 raw.

The anime wonderfully shows chess as a brain game, turning it into a life-changing experience for the characters. Sora and Shiro, with their amazing gaming skills, become key players in this fantasy world, making chess matches into epic battles with high stakes. The outcomes go beyond just winning or losing.

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In “No Game No Life,” the fantasy setting lets them explore chess in unique ways. Chess isn’t just a game; it’s used for politics and surprises, creating lots of tension. The well-animated chess matches and interesting characters make a captivating story that keeps viewers excited.

In this other reality, chess isn’t simply a game but an impression of the characters’ minds, With its clever strategies and the ever-present element of unpredictability, “No Game No Life” stands out as a must-watch for anime enthusiasts and chess devotees alike. It delivers an absolutely exhilarating blend of imagination, strategy, and the timeless allure of the game of kings.

March Comes in Like a Lion – Chess as a Metaphor

“Walk Comes in Like a Lion” handily coordinates chess as a similitude for life’s difficulties. The main character, Rei Kiriyama, is a skilled shogi player, dealing with personal struggles.

The anime delightfully shows the equals between Rei’s fights on the shogi board and the intricacies of his own life, making it a must-look for those looking for a more profound association between chess and the human experience.

Code Geass – Chess and Rebellion

In the realm of “Code Geass,” key fights unfurl on the two chessboards and the war zone. Hero Lelouch vi Britannia utilizes his insight and strategic ability to challenge the harsh Britannian Realm.

The story is woven around the theme of chess, highlighting the power dynamics and strategic maneuvering of a grand chess game.

Shion no Ou – Chess and Murder Mystery

“Shion no Ou” consolidates the universe of chess with murder secrets, Creating a unique blend of tension and strategy. Shion, the protagonist, witnesses her parents’ murder during a shogi match and dedicates herself to becoming a professional shogi player.

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The anime investigates topics of retribution, recovery, and the intricacies of the expert gaming world.

The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of  Debt – Chess as a Political Tool

This anime adopts a clever strategy for chess, consolidating it as a political device in a realm. The protagonist, Ruler Wein, uses his sharp intellect to navigate political challenges and ensure the prosperity of his nation.

The anime exhibits chess for outmaneuvering rivals in the political field, adding comedic contact to the essential components.

3-gatsu no Lion – Chess and Emotional Growth 

“3-gatsu no Lion” stunningly interlacesBlending the chess world with the profound journey of its protagonist, Rei Kiriyama. Rei confronts not just the strategic intricacies of being a pro shogi player but also the deep emotional challenges that accompany a competitive and solitary profession.

The series uses shogi, the Japanese version of chess, as a metaphor for Rei’s life, depicting the personal toll of professional gaming. Rei uses chess as a means of dealing with his past, present, and future, using it as a canvas for his personal development and self-discovery.

Through the nuanced depiction of shogi matches, “3-gatsu no Lion” dives into the mental and close-to-home parts of Rei’s encounters. The moves on the shogi board mirror the intricate decisions and relationships in his life, turning each match into a reflection of his inner struggles and victories.

In this context, chess becomes a channel for Rei’s expression, letting viewers witness his growth as he navigates the complexities of competition, relationships, and self-discovery. The series provides a unique perspective on the intersection of intellectual pursuits and personal well-being, making “3-gatsu no Lion” a compelling watch for those seeking a blend of strategic gameplay and meaningful personal development.

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Log Horizon – Chess in a Virtual World

“Log Horizon” transports players into a virtual MMORPG where chess becomes a part of the in-game strategy. The anime delves into teamwork dynamics and tactical planning as players tackle challenges within the game world.

Chess is used as a representation of the characters’ strategic thinking, providing an engaging and immersive experience. Furthermore, if you wish to explore Log Horizon or 呪術廻戦 Raw more thoroughly, it is essential to visit the Raw Manga website.


In the world of anime, chess serves as a versatile theme, contributing to stories that range from fantasy adventures to introspective character studies.

The more than eight chess anime listed above provide a wide range of storytelling techniques, character dynamics, and thematic elements, making them essential viewing for chess and anime fans alike.

Whether it’s the essential fights in fantastical domains, Whether symbolically exploring life’s challenges through chess, or integrating chess into virtual and political settings, these anime series provide a rich and engaging experience for viewers seeking the perfect blend of intellect and entertainment.

Therefore, gather your pieces and immerse yourself in the chess anime world for an engaging strategy, competition, and emotional depth journey.

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