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7 Factors to Consider When Office Hunting

7 Factors to Consider When Office Hunting

This post was most recently updated on December 20th, 2021

Where you choose to set up a workspace has a great impact on the overall running of a business. Choose one too small, cold, or out of the way, and you set yourself up for a lack of employee morale. It’s not always obvious when you’re making the wrong call, though. So, to make sure you choose an office that boosts motivation, here are seven factors to consider. 

The Location 

No matter how beautiful an office is, it’s often not worth it if it’s in a location that staff finds difficult to reach. Some smaller businesses can get away with it if their employee count is low, but if you’re a company wanting to attract more staff, you should stick to main roads and city centers. 

How Well Insulated it is 

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-maintained office temperature. While it’s hard to please everyone, it is important to keep the place warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Otherwise, your staff will become unhappy and uncomfortable. Insulation is a must for the colder seasons, and an AC unit would be a bonus for the warmer months. If it doesn’t already have one, though, you can use air conditioners services to ensure your staff doesn’t overheat while working.  

The Amount of Natural Light 

The choice of lighting will make an enormous impact on the overall atmosphere of the office, but that doesn’t mean it should replace natural light. People need sunlight to feel positive, so hunt for an office with plenty of windows and preferably pretty views. 

The Price of Renting 

A huge factor, of course, is how much the office space will cost. Before viewing different office spaces, figure out exactly what your budget is and try not to sway from it. Otherwise, you could end up paying far more than the business can afford. 

How Spacious it is

You might not need an enormous open-plan office to satisfy staff, but you should provide enough space so that everyone can work comfortably. Nobody wants to be touching elbows when focusing on a project, after all! Take into account how much equipment you have and the number of staff you’ll need to provide desks for. 

The Level of Noise 

Nobody wants to work in an office that has thin walls and a next-door dance class. To make sure you and your employees don’t get too distracted, consider how noisy the office is throughout the day. While some background noise can be pleasant and make you feel in the middle of a buzz, you should avoid very loud noises. 

Parking Spots 

Don’t rush into renting an office without considering how many parking spots there are first. You don’t want staff to get to the office only to realize there’s nowhere to park! The more parking spaces available, the better. 

Office hunting takes time. By taking these factors into account, you are sure to find a space perfect for you and your staff.



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