7 New Year’s Eve Dresses to Ring in 2023!

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The irresistible temptation to buy a new dress every New Year’s Eve is a struggle we all face on a yearly basis! It’s as if we’re welcoming the new year with a new mentality and a unique look! Don’t get me wrong, shopping is a passion of mine and I bet it is for all ladies as well.  But how we can choose the perfect New Year’s Eve dresses to ring in 2023 from Esposagroup, is a whole other story. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the latest evening dresses collection and help you find your look.

1- Glitz and Glam!

The perfect gown is directly linked to the type of event you’ll be attending and where it will take place. If you’re having dinner at a fancy restaurant and you want to look extra, a bedazzled gown is the way to go. And we’ve got a wide collection to choose from!

These stunning gowns are available in different colors and can be both casual and classy, making your choice ideal and your pictures to die for!

2-Keep it Classy and Simple 

It’s true what they say: “Better to be overdressed than under-dressed”, but sometimes more is less! Even if you’re celebrating in a classy way, it’s not mandatory to match your outfit with the place. Unless that’s something you like, of course. But a classy satin gown with subtle touches of fabric play or pleats can do the trick!

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How fitting is this simple yet elegant evening gown? A strapless gown with a plissé bodice and lace-up back, cascading in a flowy plissé skirt featuring a high side slit. The fabric has a subtle metallic sheen to it that just screams New Year’s. Imagine pairing it with an off-white fur-cape and strappy heels, the ultimate fashion statement!

3- For the Minimalistics and Sophisticated

I know I’m not the only one that agrees with the fact that the simpler the dress is the louder the statement. I’m a firm believer that you don’t need extra embellishments to enhance your look, and this dress is living proof.

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How simple is this dress yet how powerful is it at the same time? This gown is available in different colors to suit all skin colors and preferences. Now what makes this dress perfect for New Year’s is that it presents a sexy neckline with a pointed strapless detail and a sheer narrow V-neckline. The bodice is decorated with large pleats and the skirt shows-off the curves elegantly then leads the way to a sexy side slit.

4- A Glam New Year’s Bridesmaid!

Some couples like to start their new married life just in time with the New Year. If you’re going to be in the bridal party of a New Year’s wedding, then you’ll definitely need a festive extra gown.

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Starting off with a subtle bang with this extravagant evening gown with a pleated corset, cinched around the waist in a crystal belt and paired with a long skirt with a side slit. This dress is perfect for a New Year’s walk down the aisle, and at the same time it presents just the right amount of glam.

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Now if you need to abide by a certain theme and need the dress to be more extra and dramatic, we’ve got plenty of options as well!

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The unique design of this dress makes it perfect for a winter wedding as it features this icy style that only a Winter-themed wedding has.

5- A New Year’s Wedding Guest Dress

Now, if you’re invited to a wedding on New Year’s Eve, the options are quite literally endless! Unless there’s a certain theme for the wedding, you can choose a simple evening gown, an extravagant evening gown or whatever style you like.

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A bold evening dress with a satin skirt and a sheer corset with boning details all over. It features a satin skirt and a side slit, paired with a sheer corset and boning details. However, if you feel that this dress is too subtle for you and you’d like a more glamorous option, here’s another style.

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The gown above is a simple dress in design but at the same time it offers you the right amount of glam with its vibrant and sparkly details with the different sizes and shapes of sparkles from Esposacouture.

Few More Tips:

It’s definitely not wrong to want to look your absolute best on New Year’s Eve especially if you’re going to a glamorous event. However, here are a few tips to keep in mind before buying the dress:

  • Evening dresses can be a bit too expensive, so make sure you buy a dress that you’ll wear to another occasion, not just New Year’s
  • Don’t go over-budget for a dress you’ll most probably wear one time only
  • If you’re invited to a wedding, make sure you ask about the theme, if any. You wouldn’t want to buy a non-refundable dress that doesn’t match the theme.
  • You’re not obliged to wear a maxi dress, a midi or mini dress can be just as glamorous, if not more.
  • If you think you won’t wear the dress again, make sure to contact We Do by Esposa and rent it out!
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And last but not least, make sure you choose a dress that makes you feel comfortable and look beautiful! Do not abide by a trend just to be trendy!

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