Tape In Hair Extensions Vs Clips In Hair Extensions: Which Should You Go For?

Hair Extensions

Today, hair extensions have become increasingly popular across the world. Women go for this hair option because it’s easy to style and can be used to achieve unlimited hairstyles. Many other people also go for hair extensions because they are long-lasting and safe for the hair. Clips in the hair extensions and tape in hair extensions are two of the most popular types of hair extension methods you can opt for today. Since both methods have their strengths and weaknesses, you must understand how both of them compare before going for your preferred option.

The rest of this post will only focus on the face-off between tape-in and clips in the hair extensions. You’ll get to understand their strengths & weaknesses and why you should pick one option over the other.

Tape in hair extensions near me: Here’s what you should know about it

Unlike “clips in hair extensions” and virgin hair wigs, “tape in hair extensions” is relatively new in the industry today. This hair extension option started to gain popularity about 3 to 5 years ago. Tape in hair extensions is hair strand extensions attached to medical-graded tape-like tabs. To get the best out of this hair extension, you need to employ the service of a professional cosmetologist.

While DIY is possible with tape in hair extensions, we wouldn’t advise you to go with this option. For the extension to stick perfectly to your hair, your hair needs to be clean. Here’s where the need to hire a licensed cosmetologist comes into play.

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Clips in hair extensions: here’s what you need to know about it

Unlike tape in hair extensions, clips in hair extensions have been around for a very long time. This method involves clipping hair extensions to your existing hair. Interestingly, this option is pretty easy to achieve in a short period.

Clip-ins are perfect hair extensions for people who’re looking to achieve a new look without any long-term commitment. Since the clips often come with silicone strips, clip-ins are pretty secure for the hair.

One highlighting feature of clip-ins is that they’re perfect for all hair types, such as this raw human hair – Indian Curly. Another interesting thing about them is that you can always remove them at night before going to bed. This allows you to give your hair a break as you go to sleep. In the morning, you can always wear your clip-in back in a few seconds.

Tape In Hair Extensions vs Clips In Hair Extensions: Lifestyle 

If you’re looking to choose the better “hair extensions near me” option because of lifestyle, one factor you need to consider is “convenience”.

If you’re looking for a more temporary option that allows you to sometimes give your hair some breaks, then clips in hair extensions are the better option. Clip-ins will allow you to apply little effort but achieve better results.

However, if you’re the type that likes leaving your home every time with your hair extensions, tape-ins are the best options for you. But since you’ll always have them on for weeks, you need to maintain them regularly to achieve the best results.

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Tape In Hair Extensions vs Clips In Hair Extensions: hair type 

Are both hair extensions perfect for all hair types? The simple answer is no. There’s no denying that tape-in hair extensions go well with all hair types. But for you to get the best results, you should avoid using tape-ins if you have naturally oily hair. In most cases, especially if care is not taken, oil from your scalp can always cause the tapes to slip off your hair.
Clip-ins are better for almost all hair types. Irrespective of your hair type, even if it’s curly hair, you can still rely on clips in hair extensions. They are the most versatile style of hair extensions you’ll find out there today. You can learn more about how to find the best tape-ins and clips in hair extensions at LA Supreme Hair.

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