7 Party-Perfect Tops for A Memorable Night

Party-Perfect Tops
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A great party is incomplete without that absolute outfit. Think sparkly sequins, shiny embellishments, sheer silhouettes and so on. You’re always on the lookout for pieces that will make you stand out and shine yet give you enough comfort to dance all night.

You heard the call of the disco ball. So, what’s stopping you from having a little more fun this time? If putting together a glamorous outfit is the answer…well, we won’t let you go through that dreadful task all over again.

We’re back with the best of our party season edit – our high-shine tops. Made for the nights full of glitz, glitter and glamour, read on to find yourself some fancy tops to be your party plus-ones.

1. Bring on the Night!

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Don’t shy away from being the life of the party. This alluring satin top comes with a V neck and billowy balloon sleeves. Our Silver Satin Shimmer Top will put you in the mood to shimmy and groove. Oh, and you might steal the spotlight, shining all night.

Make It a Perfect Party Ensemble With: Black Sequin Flared Pants, Sleek Strap Kitten Heels & Chunky Silver Jewels

2. Wine Not?

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Sometimes less is more, and we can’t help but agree looking at this Plum Satin Back Cowl Top. We totally adore the back cowl design, a little something to strike your fancy. For the ones who are not keen on wearing a sparkly outfit, this sumptuous top is just the right pick for you.

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Make It A Perfect Party Ensemble With: Black Satin Midi Skirt, Clear Strap Heels, Embellished Clutch & Minimal Silver Jewellery

3. Work Hard, Party Harder


We’re bringing a party to the office. Accentuate your workwear ensemble with our Black Satin Sleeveless Blazer. This shiny satin blazer is the ideal fit to transition from work to party.

Make It a Perfect Party Ensemble With: Black Straight Fit Pants, Metallic Loafers & Chunky Gold Jewellery

4. Let the Good Times Roll

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Behold our White Shimmer One Shoulder Top, we’re here to make that everlasting impression! You’re just one call away from having a good time, and this flattering party wear top will keep you ready for the night.

Make It a Perfect Party Ensemble With: Black Wide Leg Trousers, Embroidered Block Heels & Statement Silver Earrings

5. Stop Talking, Start Dancing

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When you’re putting on those party pants, let our Navy Pleated Tie Up Crop Top keep you company. It comes with a crisscross waist tie-up, so you can flaunt those ‘smooth like butter’ moves with your dance partner.

Make It a Perfect Party Ensemble With: Metallic Pleated Skirt, Golden Hoops & Embellished Pointed Pump Heels

6. Celebrate Like It’s Your Birthday!

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It’s an evening to remember, you’re feeling your best, wearing our Gey Organza Puff Sleeve Top. This sweet organza top is a must to own for almost every occasion. You can take it out for a starry dinner date, that all-night cocktail party or even those celebratory gatherings!

Make It A Perfect Party Ensemble With: Sequin Maxi Skirt, Embellished Kitten Heels & Minimal Silver Jewellery

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7. Dance the Night Away

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Get on the dance floor with our Coral Sequinned Cross Back Top. Dressing up with minimal effort yet ensuring maximum impact, that’s where this charming top comes in. It’s the perfect party-wear top to instantly zhuzh up your outfit.

Make It A Perfect Party Ensemble With Bootcut Jeans, Glitter Heels & Silver Add-ons

Now you have one less thing to worry about following the ever-enticing invites. Although, we can’t guarantee the overwhelming compliments, non-stop dancing and the pile of polaroids! When in doubt about what to wear to the next party, just find this list to perk you up for the night or maybe another round of wine.

From shimmer to sequins, luxe satin to graceful organza, one-shoulder to puff sleeves, cowl neck to waist tie-ups, radiant to deep hues, there’s a fit for every celebration. Browse through more fancy tops on The Label Life.

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