8 Unique Places to Look for Web Design Inspiration

8 Unique Places to Look for Web Design Inspiration
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A strong web presence can take your business to new heights. A stunningly designed website can help you make a strong digital footprint. But coming up with an out-of-the-box design idea can take a lot of time, vigor, and inspiration.

As writers sometimes stumble through a writer’s block on their writing journey, designers also face a designer’s block. Sometimes, it seems like you have used up all your resources of creativity and now you are blank-minded.

if this sounds familiar, don’t fret. We have curated a list of 8 platforms/sites where you can find an ocean of unique and unusual web design ideas with just a few clicks.


Behance is among the most widely acclaimed and massive design ideas platforms. Artists from around the world can display, discover web designs, and communicate with other designers.

This site is also a huge design community of members from all over the world. The artwork is also mostly curated by the community. It has loads of design ideas especially related to illustrations, photography, and graphic design.

You can filter your search according to creative fields, colors, geography, tools, educational institute, time, and more. Furthermore, it features mood boards much similar to Pinterest boards. Users can create their board, follow others and discover new boards. A job board helps freelancers to pitch for design work.


Pinterest is the second most commonly used visual social network after Instagram. Most designers don’t think of Pinterest as a great place to get inspired by new design ideas. However, Pinterest is a powerhouse of inspirational and striking web design ideas.

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It is a gigantic community of aspirants, web designers, art lovers, marketers, and more. Here, you can explore the most eccentric and sporadic web designs.

One great way to find creative web design ideas is to follow other creatives on Pinterest. You can also search for abstract topics like emotion, color, or any other idea.

Web Design Inspiration

As the name implies, this website is dedicated to artwork and designs exclusively for websites. You would find all sorts of web design ideas here. You can filter it according to kind, color, and industry.

It discovers and displays the most incredible web design inspirations and modern ideas daily. You can find fresh web designs on Web Design Inspiration every day to get inspired and then use your creativity to tweak those designs or come up with a new one.

BWG is a gallery that features a thoughtfully picked range of prime web design ideas equipped with a search facility and a solid tagging system. It boasts more than 2000 great websites therefore, it is difficult to search for what you want.

Here, its tagging system comes in handy. It enables you to discover websites according to their design strategy, style, feature, etc. It’s not free and users have to subscribe to a plan.


Pttrns is a platform that boasts mobile web designs. It lets you find thousands of website design themes, especially for mobile devices. Furthermore, you can get suggestions from leading web designers from across the globe.

You can make collections and favorites folders to keep the web designs you like. It features a studio where you can mingle with other creatives and web design experts and get their feedback.

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Additionally, it offers a design guide to help you comprehend the tactics underlying the designs.


Awwwards is a site that features the best of the best web design each day. The design is selected by a well-thought-out rating system. For this reason, it receives unusual and super creative submissions.

The web designs featured on Awwwards are from the people and agencies who integrate their artistic imaginations in the sophisticated world of web designs. It has a massive and easily searched library of premium web designs.

designs made by top-notch design agencies also get featured on Awwwards. So, it’s a good idea to find a web design company in Dubai to get your website designed by them.

Elementor Monthly Showcase

Elementor is essentially a website builder. It chooses some websites every month from the most incredible websites made with Elementor.

Its monthly selection can help you get design inspirations from various niches ranging from tourism to theater, food to tech, and more.


Dribble is a beautifully designed website that displays a wide range of designs made by the world’s top design experts. Users can explore designs from different categories such as Web design, illustrations, graphic designs, and more.

A lot of designers upload their designs on Dribble for several aspects like apps, illustrations, icons, etc. Dribble would work great for you if you are specifically struggling with a single element of your design.

It can also help you to polish your skills. You can use the graphic design section of the site to get some new theme ideas and strategies. Like many other platforms which showcase designs, Dribble is also highly searchable with its tagging system.

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Final Words

To make a cutting-edge website, you shouldn’t start working with the first design idea you like. Instead, you should visit the platforms which exhibit curated lists of the best of the best website designs.

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