9 Offbeat Concrete Surface Finishes for Your Home

9 Offbeat Concrete Surface Finishes for Your Home

This post was most recently updated on May 19th, 2023

Concrete is often considered a material that is dull and dreary. But it is a versatile material that can create a wide variety of looks. Whether you are looking for a unique finish for your floors, walls, or countertops, you can always find one that suits your needs.

Here are nine offbeat concrete surface finishes to consider for your home improvement.

1. Broom Concrete Finish

The first unique concrete finish is the broom finish. It is a rough textured finish earned by running a broom or a brush across the trowelled surface of the concrete while it is still fresh.

Dragging a broom across new concrete surfaces generates microscopic ridges that offer grip and slip resistance. Thus, it is a unique and practical surface finish for your concrete.

2. Salt Concrete Finish

The salt finish is attained by rolling gritty rock salt crystals onto the freshly laid concrete surface and then washing them away with water streams after the concrete has set.

This finish gives plain or coloured concrete a beautiful, rough, subtle texture and excellent slip resistance. It is most commonly used in swimming pools and other damp places.

3. Colour-treated Concrete Finish

Consider colour-treating your concrete surfaces if you want to add a pop of colour to your space. You can add pigment to the wet concrete mix or stain the dry concrete with acid-based stains to achieve the desired look. Either way, you will end up with a beautiful and unique finish that will add personality to your home.

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Staining is especially best for aged concrete surfaces. Often, to protect the old stained concrete, professionals recommend concrete sealing in Geelong.

4. Polished concrete

Most people choose a polished concrete finish for their homes. But if you dig deep into it, you will find many unique styles, like bronzed finish and platinum finish, to name a few.

Polished concrete is gained by grinding down the surface of the concrete until it is smooth and shiny. This type of finish is perfect for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms because it is easy to clean and maintain.

Plus, polished concrete has a modern look that can upgrade the look of your space.

5. Stencilled Concrete

Stencilled concrete is a type of decorative concrete that involves applying stencils to the wet concrete mix before it dries.

This technique can create interesting patterns and designs on your floors, walls, or countertops. Plus, stencilled concrete is very durable and long-lasting.

6. Acid-Etched Concrete

Consider etched concrete if you want to add a bit of sophistication to your space. This type of finish is accomplished by applying an acidic solution to the surface of the dry concrete. The acid reacts with the calcium in the concrete to create a chemical reaction that etches away the surface.

It creates a beautiful matte finish that has an elegant look. Etched concrete is perfect for spaces like entryways and living rooms where you want to make a good first impression. Further, it needs nothing more than basic maintenance and care.

7. Flamed Concrete Finish

Flamed concrete is achieved by using a blowtorch to heat the surface of the dry concrete. It causes the surface of the concrete to oxidise, which gives it a unique mottled appearance.

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Flamed concrete is perfect for outdoor areas like patios and pool decks because it’s slip-resistant and very durable. Plus, it is simple to clean and maintain. 

8. Scored Concrete Finish

Scored concrete looks similar to stamped concrete patio services because it has patterns or designs cut into its surface. However, instead of using stamps, scored concrete is obtained by scoring or cutting shallow lines into the wet concrete mix before it dries.

It creates interesting patterns that can mimic tile or stone. Scored concrete works well in any area where you want to add visual interest without compromising durability or ease of care.

9. Swirl Concrete Finish

The last one is the swirl finish. It is a unique sort of concrete finish created by smearing the surface of the concrete in a consistently overlapping circular pattern.

It gives the concrete surface an aesthetically pleasing look. It is ideal for outdoors because it not only adds elegance to the floor but also gives a safer movement, in contrast to smooth surface finishes. It is particularly helpful during the rainy season.


Your home reflects your personal style—everything from furniture to flooring. And flooring is not only for appearance’s sake but also for safety and convenience. So, it deserves your special attention.

We all know the regular styles of concrete finishes like plain, exposed aggregate, or stamped finish. But they are not your only choices for your floors. There’s a wide variety out there!

So, if you are looking for something different from traditional finishes like paint, consider one of these offbeat concrete surface finishes for your home.

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You have seen 9 unique concrete finishes for your surface on this blog. Which one of these offbeat finishes will you choose for your home?

No matter which surface finish you select, you are sure to have a beautiful and unique space reflecting your personal style. 

With so many options available, you will indeed find a finish that suits yourconcrete surfaces in Geelong. If you still need clarification, you can contact Excon, the specialists in Geelong for concrete grindingand polishing.

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