A 5-Step Process for a Better Warehouse using Industrial Curtains

A 5-Step Process for a Better Warehouse using Industrial Curtains
A 5-Step Process for a Better Warehouse using Industrial Curtains
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Businesses and the structures they occupy are distinct entities, much like the people who run them and work in them. Every worker is unique, and so too is every company, and most corporations make an excellent effort in the hiring process to determine which candidate is an ideal fit for the open position regarding skills, experience, and overall ability to help the business achieve its objectives. The same holds for any alterations or adaptations made to the building itself because a warehouse is not complete until warehouse curtain dividers are in place. Consider the following:

Industrial Warehouse Curtains

Industrial Grade Warehouse Curtains have several uses and can significantly improve the functionality of a warehouse by providing custom and streamlined layouts.   This is especially true when a property must be wholly remodeled to accommodate your business’s requirements, as a build-out might cost might be as much or more as new construction. 

What if there were a quick and inexpensive way to spruce up your warehouse? Consider the following 5 step process that has great potential to maximize cost/benefit results. 

1. Determine the Purposes for the Warehouse Curtains 

Warehouse Curtains are used for a variety of purposes. As a result, you should tally up the intended goal of this curtain in your storage facility. Do you want to section off areas of your warehouse with varying temperatures? 

In that scenario, drapes with heat insulation would be the best choice. You may want to keep the visitor from seeing a specific part of the production process. Curtains with a single layer and a solid hue would work best in this case.  So if you need to either mute or absorb loud noises in your building, or where you need to enclose a noisy machine to keep it quiet, go for acoustic drapes.

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Whatever your motivation, determining where you want the industrial curtains placed and what they will be used for should be your first step. 

2. Choosing the Right Colors 

You’re not restricted to the actual colors when it comes to the aesthetics of your factory’s drapes. Use utterly transparent vinyl for maximum readability. Opaque materials in pitch black are the way to go if you value privacy in your warehouse. 

Industrial Curtains

Let’s say you want to spruce up the appearance of your storage facility. In such a situation, you can mix and match several options of colorful reinforced vinyl curtain walls with crystal clear flexible vinyl to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. There are many options, from sophisticated neutrals to eye-popping brights and bolds. 

3. Measurements 

The curtains in an industrial warehouse can be custom-made to fit any space. So, it is imperative to take precise measurements of the area where the curtains will be installed. To determine the width of your industrial curtains, you must measure the raw aperture they will cover. Remember to factor in any structural members you want to see in the industrial curtain wall or any space constraints when determining the width. 

Industrial Curtains

Be sure to take a complete height measurement from ceiling to floor. If your ceiling slopes, you’ll need to measure it at its highest and lowest points to get an accurate reading. Moreover, if you don’t want the curtains in your industrial warehouse to reach the ceiling, you’ll need to take measurements to determine how high you’d like them to hang. 

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4. Accessorize 

Industrial warehouse curtains come with a wide variety of optional extras and accessories to top off their impressive list of uses. Add a floor sweep, filler panel, valance, or Velcro edge sealing to your industrial wall curtains if you need to make them watertight. 

Also, chain-weighted bottom or D-ring tie-downs would be helpful if you’re concerned about the curtain wall moving around due to winds or ventilation in your building. To further improve the aesthetics of your warehouse, you may incorporate a vision panel or a custom brand into your industrial curtain. 

5. Installation 

Most places that invest in industrial warehouse curtains can set them up without problems. The curtain and track systems are simple to set up because they were created with the DIYer in mind. These drapes can be permanently installed or given roller track hardware to make them retractable. 

Industrial Curtains

Bottom Line

You can easily set up industrial curtains in your warehouse in just 5 minutes, allowing you to partition off areas, separate processes, designate areas for break rooms, and more. Warehouses can benefit significantly from industrial curtains, which can be installed for a small fraction of the price of a complete remodel.

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