A Guide To Buy Suitable Skate Shoes

Wearing the right skateboard shoes makes a substantial difference in your skateboarding experience. Good skate shoes are vital as they increase the board feel and grip, prevent injuries and absorb shocks. Every foot is different, and a lot comes into consideration when choosing the right skate shoes for your needs. There is a lot to consider while you pick the right skate shoes. So what makes it possible to select the right skateboard shoes?

The best Cozy Skate Shoes make you feel comfortable, and you can fit the skateboarding style and get enough support without sacrificing the board feel. The suggested shoes are Suede, but the shoe type you get mostly narrows down to personal preferences. There are some vital aspects to know before purchasing the best skateboard sneakers.

Things That Make A Good Skateboarding Shoe

According to CTN News when looking for a shoe, you should find one with a diverse range of features. Heel support, suede material, toe caps, laces from grip range, soles that absorb shocks, and decent stitching works. Be ready to spend some time before you find good sneakers perfect for the situation. Look for these features to know about good skate shoes.

Cupsole or vulcanized soles

The main difference is the board’s feel and durability. The common notion is that the cupsoles type is the sturdier one. They also provide better heel protection and support. The only downside here is that with cupsoles, you get a less board feel. So which would be the better one to get? The one which feels right, there isn’t any particular choice. It is all about personal preference.

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With a vulcanized shoe, you get two separate pieces around the shoe that often begins falling off after extensive usage. It feels lighter and thinner with a better board feel. People concerned about getting the board feel can try vulcanized skate shoes. The flexibility and thinner sole of shoes are ideal for skaters who are into technical tricks.

High, mid, and low tops

The difference would be freedom of movement and ankle protection. For ankles, you should get these. They are extra padded and offer better protection. The available types are low, mid, and high-top cozy skate shoes. Low tops are known for their simplicity in moving around and sheer comfort, but for better safety, you can consider ankle support and protection. They don’t prevent you from rolling the ankle but putting on tow tops doesn’t offer protection against razor tails.

Heel support

Many sneakers are known for their extra support near the heels. It helps lessen shocks’ impact and is generally made from air pockets, rubber, and gel. They are ideal for heavy skaters or if you’ve had past heel injuries. It has a significant difference and also provides additional comfort.

Materials of the shoes

Technical skaters need suede footwear. It lasts for a long time and offers a great board feel. The most significant material is canvas, and it must only be considered when you do transition skating or cruising without flips or ollies. There are leather shoes too, but they’re generally bulky and spoil the board feel.

Toe caps

They are rubbery materials wrapped around the nose for the prevention of holes. They are perfect for many kickflips! When you’re more of a heelflip skater, you won’t need to worry too much about it norstrat.

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Toe caps make sneakers long-lasting as they can easily withstand grip friction. However, everyone doesn’t like them, mainly because it offers a lesser board feel, and sliding differs from the suede type. If you transition skate and are sliding on knee pads, consider having toe caps.


Skate shoes make lots of difference, but all skate footwear is different. Skateboarding is much more mainstream than it was, so more prominent brands started selling skate shoes more like fashion statements. There are many other things that you must consider while you’re buying new skate shoes. You can save money on the sale and would have to think about the feet type. You should think about your body type, weight, and the skater type you’re.

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