A Practical Guide to Online Wholesale Management

A Practical Guide to Online Wholesale Management
A Practical Guide to Online Wholesale Management

This post was most recently updated on December 18th, 2021

Those days are gone when wholesale management was considered as complex and difficult. Now almost every successful wholesale business is using online tools to manage their business. That is because online wholesale management comes with several benefits for the wholesalers.

Online wholesale management can be defined as a systematic approach to operating a wholesale business through cloud-based software. It is also known as wholesale e-commerce. The purpose of online wholesale management is to simplify the following:

  • Inventory management
  • Order fulfillment
  • Supply-chain optimization

Here we shall discuss how the online wholesale market is managed and what wholesalers need from online wholesale management. You will find everything you need to know about online wholesale management, which will help your business upgrade.

So, shall we start?

How Wholesalers Can Benefit from Online Wholesale Management?

To understand why online wholesale management is essential for every wholesaler, we need to understand what wholesale e-commerce provides. Check the following points to know what wholesalers need from online wholesale management and how they can benefit from this business tool:


In meeting your customers’ needs throughout the journey, you need to provide them with a flawless system. Automating your business tasks is just the way to do that. 

Online wholesale management can make your business dealings automatic. So you can run your wholesale business seamlessly by eliminating the risk of human error. With the help of online wholesale management, you can automate the following tasks:

  • Track your orders and shipments
  • Label your products when they arrive at your warehouse
  • Keep your inventory organized
  • Keep a record of purchases and sales
  • Blacklist the untrustworthy customers
  • Get notification when you are out-of-stock
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Undoubtedly, technology has made things easier for both the wholesalers and the customers. one of the best advantages of using online wholesale management is that it has made communication easier and quicker for both parties.

It is much easier to place your order through an best online wholesale marketplace than visiting place to place. Customers can carefully select and review their products before placing an order. Besides, operating online has also made the transactional process simplified. 

Before, the sales team had to take care of order placements from the customers. Now that most of the ordering processes are automatic, your sales team can focus their energy on other business tasks. Online wholesale management has indeed provided efficiency for both wholesalers and the customers.


How online wholesale management can help your business grow?

Well, the answer is simple.

Online wholesale management helps your business to grow and expand because:

  1. You get more done in less time
  2. You utilize fewer resources to do it all.

By automating most of your business tasks, you will save time. It will enable you to focus your energy on business growth and expansion. You can even get help from your target audience’s demographics, which will help you decide if you want to branch out your business into new territories.


Online wholesale management will enable you to develop and implement inbound marketing strategies. It will also make it easier for you to define your target audience. You can have multiple marketing approaches by bringing your business online, such as:

  • You can create a blog post to address your customers’ issues and provide guidance about your products.
  • You can provide the consideration-stage prospect for your customers to explain how your products can help your customers.
  • You can highlight the best reviews given by your customers.
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Customer Experience

Online wholesale management will allow you to know about your customers’ needs and preferences. Besides that, you can also deliver sales quota to your customers through their preferred online platform. 

You can provide individual options for delivery and other transactional processes. With the help of online wholesale management, you can provide your customers with an excellent customer experience. 


Check the following points:

  • By allowing your customers’ payments in multiple currencies.
  • By personalizing prices-based deals.
  • By setting price breaks for bulk orders.

Final Thoughts

Remember those days when pens and sheets were used to keep track of your orders and deliveries?

Neither do we.

This digital age demands an upgrade in wholesale business operations. Online wholesale management can automatically make your daily business tasks for you. with the help of online wholesale management; you can provide an impeccable buying process to your customers. 

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