A Short Guide To Buying Men’s Underwear


Everyone loves to buy new clothes. Your underwear is one of the most important items you purchase.

Now is the time to pay attention to your underwear so that you are comfortable all year. Below is our guide on how to buy men’s underwear.

Briefs &Boxers

This is a timeless question. While the answer may differ from man to man, there are good reasons why boxers and briefs are so popular. If you are willing to give up support in exchange for a more relaxed fit, boxers can be great. Boxers can be your solution if you need more movement in your legs from your underwear. Boxers may cause wedgies due to their looser fit. However, you can still buy shorts that don’t have a centre back seam. These are known as “three-panel backs”. They have extra seams that prevent bunching and distributing fabric across the back. Boxers briefs are a great option for those who want the best of both worlds. They provide comfort and support, and they’re a tried-and-true choice.

Light And Dark?

Stains are easier to see in white than in darker colours. Tighty whities are as important as any type of underwear for men, but it’s better to keep your bottoms black or navy. While you don’t want to have any accidents, darker shades will conceal any problems you might have.

If this is the case, your undershirts (underwear) should be lighter in colour. Although you might think this will make sweat more visible (which it will, unfortunately), you need something that won’t be visible through your outer layer. A white shirt will make you look smoother and, if you’re buying a v neck, it won’t be visible under your buttondown shirt. You should recycle any white t-shirts that have stains after a few months.

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Size Matters

Let’s begin at the top…or, rather, at the bottom. Your drawer size will have an impact on many things. Most of your problems with underwear will be caused by a sizing error.

Are your leg bands too tight? This is a sign that you should size up. Do you have your underpants tucked into your pants? Your underwear is probably too large. Your underwear is the one thing that should fit like a glove on your body.

You can find your true size by comparing sizes. If your legs are too long, size down. Elastic waistbands can be tightened after only a few wears.

When Should I Buy A New Pair?

It is up to you how long your underwear will last. You have the ball in your court. Clear the bench no later than twice a year. This is if you have more than seven pairs of underwear. You should have multiples of the same item, as it is something you wear daily. You should throw them in the garbage bin, not the laundry basket. Fading, overstretching and the obvious, permanent stain are all signs that you should get a new three-pack.

Use The Correct Washing Technique

Although it is easier to throw your underwear in the washer with your other gear on laundry day than to wash them separately, it is important to remember that delicates also need to be washed and dried delicately. Two things can ruin your underwear, a hot dryer and fabric softener. Although the problems with hot dryers are obvious, it’s not hard to see how anything warmer than warm can cause the fabric to shrink and damage the elastic. You can smell burning rubber when you open the dryer door.