Activities Freelance Writers Enjoy In Their Free Time 

Activities Freelance Writers Enjoy In Their Free Time 
Activities Freelance Writers Enjoy In Their Free Time 
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Freelance writing is a profession that is rising in popularity, especially with the normalization of remote work. Freelance writing can be a fantastic career choice for someone that has excellent research and writing skills, and it provides the opportunity for individuals to be their own boss. Like any job, freelance writing has its challenges, and it can be demanding and stressful. Therefore, it is important that freelance writers have activities that they can turn to in their spare time so that they can switch off, reduce stress, get out of the house, and have fun. There are a handful of hobbies and activities that are particularly popular with freelance writers – here are a few.

Running & Hiking

Freelance writers can spend a lot of time at home and sitting at a desk all day, so you can see why so many have active, outdoor hobbies like running and hiking. Cabin fever can be a problem with this profession, so many writers make sure that they get out of the house and stay in shape by going out jogging or hiking. These are both activities that can improve mental and physical health and can help writers to avoid cabin fever.


Unsurprisingly, reading is a very popular hobby among freelance writers. Every writer will have a passion for writing and storytelling, so many are avid readers. Reading can bring a range of benefits to anyone’s life, but for a writer, it could also expand their vocabulary, help them to develop their writing style, and serve as inspiration. Additionally, reading is a hobby that allows people to take a break from screens – something that many people will benefit from these days.

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As mentioned, cabin fever can be an issue with freelance writing, and many people feel isolated when working from home. Therefore, many freelance writers and other professionals that work from home like to volunteer in their spare time. This can be a great reason to leave the house, meet new people, and give back to the community. Additionally, being your own boss gives you flexibility when it comes to scheduling, so you may be able to find different opportunities that you can fit into your schedule. 

Online Slot Games

Freelance writing can be a demanding job, and you are often writing to tight deadlines. Consequentially, it is useful to have a simple activity that you can turn to that will help you to blow off some steam either on a break or at the end of the working day. There are a handful of effective options, but one that is popular with freelance writers is online slot games. Online slot games can be great fun, and you can load up and enjoy the games on a phone or laptop in just a few minutes. There are also no deposit-free spin slot games that you can play. These slot games allow you to play without having to put any of your own money into your account – click here to find out more. 


Yoga is an activity that has been rising in popularity for a long time now and is rising in popularity with those of all ages and genders. It is a particularly good option for freelance writers because it is an activity that you can do without having to lease the house. Plus, writers often spend long hours sitting at a computer, so it can be helpful for preventing injury and building strength. This is also a hobby that can be done solo, or it could be a social hobby, whether this is an online or in-person class. There are numerous benefits that yoga can bring, and a high percentage of people state that it helps with both their physical and mental well-being.

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Networking is an important activity for any freelancer in terms of career support and development. In addition to being an important activity, it is also one that many freelance writers enjoy as a way to exercise their social muscles and connect with others in the industry. Freelance writing often involves working independently, so many freelance writers enjoy making an effort to get to know other people in the field. This could involve networking online or in person at networking events, conferences, shared offices, or workshops. 


Freelance writers often spend a lot of their working week at home, which means that they get the advantage of having access to their kitchen throughout the day. Therefore, many freelance writers enjoy cooking in their spare time and use this as an activity to improve their diet, keep their food bills down and make delicious food. Being able to cook is a hugely valuable life skill, and it is a lot easier to develop your abilities when you can spend time in the kitchen every day. 


A major perk of freelance writing is the fact that you do not have one fixed position. Many freelance writers work from home, but you have a whole world that you can discover while staying connected. It is possible for freelance writers to travel and work, whether this is going on a road trip, exploring a nearby city, or even traveling overseas. Travel can broaden your horizons, introduce you to new ways of living and inspire creativity – these are all things that will always benefit a creative type. 

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Video Gaming

Freelance writers need activities that they can do that allow them to escape, switch off and enjoy themselves. There are several good options, but few are better than video gaming. Video gaming is a highly immersive and engaging activity, which makes it easy to switch off after work. Freelance writing can be demanding, and it is easy to burn out, so activities like video gaming are ideal for disconnecting from work. Additionally, video gaming can be a social hobby as you can play many different games with friends and people from all around the world. 

These are a selection of the most popular freelance writer activities that writers turn to in their free time. With this profession, it is important to have activities that you can turn to that will help you to overcome or manage some of the challenges involved with the work. 

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