Adequate Cybersecurity Requires Employee Buy-In

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There are many different facets of cybersecurity, none of which is truly more important than the others. From data security to network access restrictions, what they all have in common is a reliance on humans interacting with technology to provide the best protection. This article will focus specifically on how the human factor influences information security.

What Is Information Security?

Information security, also often referred to as data security, focuses on keeping sensitive data safe both while it’s in transit and at rest. An organization with proper data security protocols in place will allow authorized parties access while keeping out both cybercriminals and unauthorized workers. Find out about the role that people play in protecting information below.

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Access Restrictions

Most of today’s software programs feature access restrictions. Information security officers or other authorized tech workers set permissions and roles to control which employees access files, but it’s also important to make sure anyone with access to sensitive information knows how important it is to protect it. These days, social engineering attacks are some of the most effective methods cybercriminals have of gaining access to data.

Software Updates

Software updates often contain security patches that address potential vulnerabilities, so it’s very important to stay on top of them. Let employees know how critical it is to keep software up-to-date and consider setting up an alert system that informs key workers of new security patches. If just one person fails to take this crucial software maintenance task seriously, it can jeopardize the entire network and leave vulnerable data open to attack.

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Use Malware Protection

Malware is one of the most commonly used types of malicious software. Depending on the application, it can damage or disable computers, steal data, and take over entire computer systems. Because malware can be spread through websites and email, it’s important for workers to know how to identify these common attacks and protect the network from data losses or theft.

Using Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, provides an extra level of security by having authorized users enter not just a password but also the second piece of information to access a system. Two-factor authentication should always be required, as it helps to protect against both internal and external data theft. The strongest form of two-factor authentication uses both a solid password and an app-generated code sent to an authorized user’s phone. Employees should be instructed on how to download and use a safe and effective 2FA app.

Avoiding Phishing Scams

Everyone should know how to identify and avoid phishing scams. Usually sent via email, these scams involve posing as a legitimate institution in an effort to obtain sensitive information, and depending on the type of 2FA used by a company, they can lead to the disclosure of personal information that could be used to access the network remotely. Education is the key to avoiding these scams and protecting personal data, so keep employees informed.

The Human Factor Is Key

The best data security technology in the world can’t protect against all forms of human error, which is why it’s important to come at the issue from both sides. Information security officers should always have reliable technological tools, but there should also be company policies and employee training protocols in place to reduce the chances of human error causing a data breach.

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