ADO Air 20 Folding Electric Bike: The Best Folding E-Bike of 2023

ADO Air 20 Folding Electric Bike: The Best Folding E-Bike of 2023
ADO Air 20 Folding Electric Bike: The Best Folding E-Bike of 2023


As the world of transportation continues to evolve, electric bikes have emerged as a popular choice for eco-conscious commuters and adventure seekers alike. In 2023, one folding electric bike stands out from the crowd as a true game-changer—the ADO Air 20. With its innovative features and cutting-edge technology, this bike offers a thrilling and convenient riding experience. Let’s delve into the remarkable features that make the ADO Air 20 the best folding e-bike of 2023.

Unchain Your Ride: Carbon Belt and Torque Sensor

The ADO Air 20 allows you to unchain yourself from the hassle of traditional bike chains. Embracing the carbon drive revolution, this folding e-bike is equipped with a durable carbon belt that requires no maintenance for an astounding range of 2-30,000 kilometers. Bid farewell to oily and rusty chains, and enjoy a smooth and maintenance-free ride.

Enhancing the riding experience further, the ADO Air 20 incorporates a smart torque sensor. This advanced sensor seamlessly translates your every movement into powerful motor assistance. Whether you’re climbing steep hills or cruising along flat roads, the torque sensor ensures a smooth and effortless ride, offering a new level of biking enjoyment.

Small but Powerful Battery: Enjoy Pure Riding Fun

The heart of the ADO Air 20 is its small yet powerful Samsung battery. This high-efficiency battery provides the bike with a maximum assist range of 100 kilometers. Say goodbye to range anxiety as you embark on thrilling adventures or commute to work with confidence. With the ADO Air 20, every destination becomes within reach, allowing you to fully enjoy the journey alongside your loved ones.

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IPS Color Display: A Clear View, Rain or Shine

Equipped with an IPX7 waterproof IPS color display, the ADO Air 20 ensures clear visibility even under the brightest sunshine or during rainy rides. The display provides essential information about your ride, including speed, distance traveled, battery level, and more. Additionally, the display allows you to effortlessly switch between three assistance modes, making it easy to adapt to various riding conditions and personal preferences.

Performance and Range 

When it comes to performance, the ADO Air 20 delivers excellent results. The electric motor provides ample power to assist riders in reaching their destination quickly and effortlessly. The bike offers multiple speed modes, allowing users to choose between different levels of assistance based on their riding preferences. In terms of range, the ADO Air 20 offers a decent distance on a single charge. With its efficient battery system, riders can travel up to XX miles before needing to recharge. This makes it ideal for short to medium commutes or leisure rides without the worry of running out of power.

Safety First: Hydraulic Brakes and Front Lights

Safety is paramount when riding any bike, and the ADO Air 20 doesn’t compromise in this aspect. With hydraulic brakes, this folding e-bike ensures precise and reliable stopping power. Whether you encounter sudden obstacles or need to make quick stops, the hydraulic brakes provide a safer and more stable riding experience.

Furthermore, the ADO Air 20 is equipped with front lights to increase visibility, particularly during low-light conditions. These lights not only enhance safety but also ensure that you can navigate through darkened paths or busy city streets with confidence, bringing you a safe and enjoyable ride at any time of the day.

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Smart App: Intelligent Control and Support

The ADO Air 20 takes connectivity and convenience to the next level with its dedicated smart app. Seamlessly integrating with the bike’s intelligent control system, the app offers features such as navigation, customer support, and access to the ADO LAB. Whether you need turn-by-turn directions or want to explore additional riding features, the smart app is your go-to companion for an enhanced riding experience.


In the realm of folding electric bikes, the ADO Air 20 stands out as the best folding e-bike in 2023. Its impressive features, including the maintenance-free carbon belt, smooth torque sensor, powerful Samsung battery, IPS color display, hydraulic brakes, front lights, and smart app integration, make it a top contender. Whether you’re commuting through the urban jungle or embarking on thrilling adventures, the ADO Air 20 offers portability, performance, and convenience, ensuring an unforgettable riding experience. Unleash the potential of electric biking with the ADO Air 20, the ultimate folding e-bike of 2023.

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