This summer, we’re befriending accessories

This summer, we’re befriending accessories
This summer, we’re befriending accessories

Ah, the warm touch of the sun on your skin. The breezy nights and long walks. The joyful music and outdoor activities. Summer is the time for all of these, and that’s why we love it so much. But when it comes to outfits and style, summer is probably the trickiest one. You want to stay as comfortable as possible, so the less clothes, the better. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stay stylish. In the past year, accessories are more and more talked about, so why not learn how to add them to your outfits as well? In this article we’re telling you all about the accessories that can make you look chic this summer. Read along and make sure you check out Etsy for some unique accessories, or you can even make them yourself.


A summer favorite, and rightfully so. Anklets are the perfect summer accessory, as they will look cool with any outfit and add a touch of originality to your looks. Depending on your style, you can go for a precious ankle, either gold or silver. But you want to be careful as they are harder to take care of, being more delicate. If you’re a bit more sporty, go for a braided anklet, something made out of colorful string. This one’s easy to take care of, and you can leave it on for the whole summer without worrying about it. You can also have fun with this and turn it into an activity with your friends and DIY them for each other. They will accessorize any pair of sneakers or sandals, and they will always keep you looking cool while sunbathing on the beach.

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Now that we have our unique accessory for the summer let’s talk basics. Bracelets work amazingly with a summer tan and some colorful clothes. They can really bring an outfit together and give you a touch of elegance. Again, depending on your personal style, you can choose some metal bracelets, some celtic leather ones or just some beaded or braided ones. Go for something that is comfortable so you don’t need to constantly take them off if you’re having a more active day. If you have a more neutral wardrobe, this is also a good way to add pops of colors with some fun bracelets. One thing to know about this is that you will probably get a bracelet tan, so if you plan on lounging around in the sun, don’t forget to take them off.

Bold earrings

With summer being all about color and fun patterns, an easy way to add them to your outfits is with earrings. Bold earrings are very popular on the internet right now. Everything from miniature food replicas, wine bottles, or colorful flowers to hoops of all shapes and colors. They make the best accessories in any neutral outfit, and with the variety of options, you can definitely find something that works out for your style. The best thing about them is that you can use them while on vacation. To keep your outfits easy to pack and match but still visually interesting, make sure you pack a couple pairs of bold earrings and switch them up daily. This will save space in your luggage without taking away your style.

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Another way to spice up your outfits without adding more clothes is to use hair accessories. We know that keeping your hair down during a hot day is not the most pleasant feeling. So, when you’re looking for ways to style your hair, add some colorful or shiny hair clips. They can be the super popular butterfly clips, the elegant pearl ones, or the Tik Tok famous flower clip. They will make your hairstyle look fancier and will also help keep your hair up for more comfort. You can also play with scarves, bandanas, or hats to add some sun protection as well. There are many ways to style these accessories and you can do this for any type of outfit, elegant or sporty. 

Bead necklaces

This last suggestion is probably all over your social media pages already. Beaded necklaces have taken over the internet in the past months. With so many people making them at home and showing you how to do it yourself, you’ve got no excuse. Wearing some colorful beaded necklaces is a great way to celebrate the fun of summer. And this perfectly doubles as a wholesome activity with your friends, as you can organize a craft day to make your own necklaces. There are no limits with these necklaces, so get creative and make as many as you want. You can also layer them for a more maximalist approach. If you’re not a crafty person, but you still want to enjoy these necklaces, you’ll probably find them in any clothing store, as they are very popular.

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