AJ Lamba – How to Have the Mindset of A CEO?

AJ Lamba

When you become a licensed real estate agent, you have two paths that you can take. You can either devote your skills to an already established brokerage or create your own name in the market.

While the first option is safer, the latter can offer you exponential success if done under proper guidance. However, no amount of guidance can make your real estate business a success if you do not have the CEO mindset said by AJ Lamba

What Does it Mean to Have a Mindset of a CEO?

It means you have the same or similar psychological traits as that of a successful CEO. Your trail of thoughts aligns with theirs and you are always ahead of your peers when it came to pitching in revolutionary ideas.

Even though some individuals are born with this quality, many learn their way into this.

How to Achieve this Mindset?

Unlike most processes developing a certain type of mentality involves extremely simple steps. These are:

Step1: Strategize the kind of mindset you want to have

Before you emulate this in your psyche, you must decide what kind of thoughts and decisions you make regularly. What are your weak points that one can take advantage of? Do you have the resources required to do so? Etc.

Step2: Embrace being vulnerable

Vulnerability is not a weakness but a characteristic that one would associate with some bold and outgoing.

A CEO gladly accepts that he/she too has flaws that need to get addressed properly.

This makes you more relatable to your client base as they feel represented.

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Step3: Priorities decisions over precisions

Although a CEO is well aware of his or her flaws, he or she also possesses impressive decision-making skills.

A real estate agent with a CEO mindset knows not to waste time on perfecting something.  Understand not all your decisions need to be 100%, they just need to be timely decisions. 

Step4: Surround yourself with the right kind of people

No matter how bold and inspiring your thoughts are, they will be useless to people who do not have the will to achieve greatness. So, do not rush when creating a core team for your real estate business.

Instead, take your sweet time finding your people and create your reliable tribe.

These individuals have similar goals as yours and ensure you reach them as a team.

Step5: Keep challenging your limits

An individual with a CEO mindset is never happy with their current status. They would always try to improve and expand their business at any cost. Especially, talking about real estate, you would have to push your limits daily.

But will this be enough?

Yes, to some extent. However, AJ Lamba says, there is one thing common in every CEO and you would need to do that as well. This is to continue learning new ways to improve their business game. So, before you try and follow the steps given above, try to find a coach who will guide you on your learning path to take you to the next level.

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