Ajay Devgn all set to invest Rs 600 Crore in this multiplex venture NY Cinemas
Ajay Devgn all set to invest Rs 600 Crore in this multiplex venture NY Cinemas

Ajay Devgn all set to invest Rs 600 Crore in this multiplex venture NY Cinemas

Ajay Devgn who is called the Singham of Indian cinema, has recently put in efforts to invest ₹600 crore in his movie theatre complex project named NY Cinemas LLP towards the upcoming five years. Mr. Devgn devices to open approximately 250 screens for the Bollywood admirers starting from the northern and western parts of India. The first step has been decided to begin this June itself at Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh. NY Cinemas will chiefly mark people who don’t have contact with modern movie auditoriums in small towns.

This theatre chain is a start-up that has curtailed from Devgn’s love for cinema and the fact that he understands the medium as a boundless cause of mass entertainment. So, big movie theatres should not have a high-end setting, Devgn said. Reluctant to explain much about the scheme, Devgn said it will be dissimilar from any other in the competitive market.

He says that contending with typical players like PVR Ltd or INOX Leisure Ltd won’t aid because the spectator is simply going to get divided. He added that footfalls will only upsurge when we shape theatres for individuals who right now are not able to go to one. “The charges will definitely differ depending on the viewer’s place and the property involved, but the key idea is to have a high number of pair of eyes watch films, regardless of where they presently belong to,” mentioned by the chief executive of NY Cinemas, Rajeev Sharma.

The artist is set to obtain single screens as well as develop new theatres to meet the target of 250 screens in the first stage of the venture. He started it by purchasing two single-screen auditoriums in Uttar Pradesh’s Hapur and Ghazipur. He mentioned that he will search for investment partners only after the first theatre is built up. “It’s not about whether business insight is vital for an actor or not, it’s about whether you like to do these things yourself, do you want to develop that way or not, and I believe I ardently do,” said Devgn, who, under his own production house Ajay Devgn FFilms (ADFL), has given some of his fresh hits like Total Dhamaal, besides some critically-acclaimed plans like Parched and Aapla Manus, and TV series named Swami Ramdev-Ek Sangharsh.

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His visual effects company NY VFXWAALA has made movies like Bajirao Mastani, Simmba, and Shivaay. Though his own company is handling a few digital projects, Devgn mentioned going onward, big-scale spectacles will be desired to lure people to cinemas.

He even pressured on the topic at how Hindi films are doing amazing in China, some of them owing to extensive theatrical release as China has an enormous number of screens. “We have a population which can compete with the complete world, but we don’t have the theatres,” said the actor whose previous three hits—Total Dhamaal, Golmaal Returns and Raid have overall earned over Four hundred and fifty crores in India alone in this competitive market.



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