War of words between Ajay Devgn and Kicha Sudeep over Hindi’s importance

War of words between Ajay Devgn and Kicha Sudeep over Hindi’s importance
War of words between Ajay Devgn and Kicha Sudeep over Hindi’s importance
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Following the massive success of KGF Chapter 2, actor Kiccha Sudeep spoke at an event regarding pan-Indian films, claiming that “Hindi is no longer a national language.” Ajay Devgn, the actor-director of Runway 34, has now responded to the Kannada star’s remark. In a Hindi-language tweet, Ajay questioned why Sudeep releases Hindi-dubbed films if Hindi is not our native language.

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“@KicchaSudeep, brother, if Hindi is not our national language according to you, then why do you distribute films created in your home tongue dubbed in Hindi?” Ajay tweeted in English. Hindi is and always will be our mother tongue and national language. “Jana Gana Mana”.


Sudeep reacted to Ajay on Twitter shortly after the actor’s remark, explaining that the actor’s statement was likely taken out of context by the Bhuj actor. Sudeep went on to say that his comment was not intended to “hurt, provoke, or create any argument.” “Hello @ajaydevgn sir.. the context of why I uttered that statement is very different from how I assume it has reached you,” he wrote. When I encounter you in person, I’ll probably emphasise why the comment was made. It wasn’t meant to offend, provoke, or generate a controversy. “Sir, why would I?”

Sudeep added in another tweet that he loves and respects all of the country’s languages. “Sir, I like and appreciate all of our country’s languages. I’d want to put this subject to rest,, because I stated the statement in a completely different context. Wshs and mch love to you always. “I look forward to meeting you soon.”

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While it appeared that the issue had been resolved, Sudeep tweeted again, saying that he understood Ajay’s Hindi text but wondered what would happen if his response was written in Kannada rather than English. “And sir @ajaydevgn, I did comprehend the hindi txt you gave,” he wrote. It is only because we have all respected, loved, and studied Hindi. No disrespect, sir, but I was curious as to what would happen if my response was typed in kannada.!! Don’t we, sir, also belong to India?

Ajay afterwards turned to Twitter to say, “Perhaps something got missed in translation.” “Hello @KicchaSudeep,” he wrote. You’re a good buddy. Thank you for putting an end to the confusion. I’ve always considered the film business to be a single entity. All languages are respected by us, and we want everyone to respect ours as well. Perhaps something was misunderstood in the translation.”

Sudeep made the remarks during the premiere of R: The Deadliest Gangster Ever a few days ago. Sudeep responded to a question about a Kannada film being a pan-India blockbuster by saying, “You claimed a pan-India film was created in Kannada.” I’d want to make a little change. Hindi has lost its status as a national language. Today, they (Bollywood) are making pan-India films. They are attempting (but failing) to gain success by dubbing in Telugu and Tamil. Today, we’re creating films that are going to be seen all over the world.”

This adds to the continuing controversy about Hindi’s status as the country’s official language. “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided that the medium of running the government is the Official Language, and this will definitely increase the importance of Hindi,” Home Minister Amit Shah said at the 37th meeting of the Parliamentary Official Language Committee, according to the Ministry of Home Affairs. Now is the moment to make the Official Language an integral element of the country’s unity. When inhabitants of different states converse with one another, they should do so in the Indian language.”

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The success of films like KGF Chapter 2, RRR, and Pushpa: The Rise in recent months has sparked speculation that regional cinema has found the pan-Indian success formula, while Hindi films are trailing behind. “These pan-India films, I think have got it right,” Ajay stated in a recent interview with ETimes regarding the popularity of pan-Indian films. Ajay commended their larger-than-life personalities, saying that the average person can relate to these characters since their roots are comparable, and the fictitious characters then travel to a fanciful, almost aspirational realm.

KGF Chapter 2 is estimated to have made over Rs 900 crore at the box office in the 13 days after its release. In an interview with Variety, Yash suggested that the film may have a third instalment shortly.

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