Why are protective coatings important for the eyes?

Why are protective coatings important for the eyes

Do you wear glasses? Are you aware of all the protective coatings that your glasses should have? Did you consult a doctor and take your glasses? Are your glasses only for reading or for distant vision? Did you check all the brands before buying your glasses and did the comparison? All these questions have an answer to them. These questions are very common and are often asked by people.


Glasses have become an important part of people’s lives. People wear glasses both for fashion and needs. Wearing glasses makes you look more smart and fashionable. Glasses and fashion are interrelated to each other. The fashion industry focuses a lot on glasses as a fashion accessory.

If you wear glasses then you might be fashion conscious and love wearing different designer glasses for your fashion. Different designer glasses create a different look and feel for the person. Now the question is whether you are aware of the protective coatings or not can be answered.

When you buy glasses, you make sure of the designs, and prices before the final purchase as you are going to spend your money on that thing that will help you to look good, protect your eyes, and help in a better vision. 

Wearing glasses is not enough. One should wear glasses with all the protective coatings and layers so that your eyes get double protection from all the harmful rays and external factors that affect the eyes. 

Protective coatings

Since we had discussed the above that protective coatings are a must when you buy glasses, here are some of the coatings that one must have in their glasses to keep their eyes safe and healthy.

  • Anti-scratch- This coating is very necessary for all the glasses. If there are scratches in the glasses, the glasses will get damaged easily and one has to change the glasses frequently. If there are too many scratches on the glasses, there will be a visual disturbance and the clear view of the images will get disturbed. One should not have these disturbances in their glasses and wear them with the coating.
  • Anti-reflective coatings- Anti-reflective glasses are a must for those who wear glasses always. This coating helps the eyes from the reflection of the light that enters the eyes and causes disturbances in the vision. This coating helps to reflect the light and helps to view the images better and clearly.
  • Anti-glare coating- Anti-glare coating is also a must for the glasses as this helps to keep out the glare causing less eye strain and dry eyes. This also helps to keep the eyes safe and protected.
  • Anti-Fog coatings- Nobody likes their glasses to be foggy and experience blurry vision. Our eyes get foggy, especially during winters and whenever there is dewy weather. Thus to avoid this, the glasses should have anti-fog coatings.
  • Blue light coating- The blue light coating is very important and necessary for everyone. All your glasses should have a blue light coating. The harmful blue light rays are mainly emitted from digital screens like computers, laptops, mobiles, and others. People spend most of their time in front of digital screens. This has mainly increased during and after the pandemic when these screens were only the ones that kept the work mode on. People did work from home and students did online classes through phones and laptops. The eyes were highly exposed to the blue light emitting from the screens. Thus blue light coating glasses are highly recommended for everybody. You can check out some tips regarding glasses and glasses-related videos on the Specscart YouTube   Channel to gain some knowledge about it.
  • Anti-UV coatings- We all know how UV rays from the sun affect our eyes, skin, and health. Thus our eyes need to be protected when we go out in the sun or our eyes are exposed to the sunlight. The UV coating in the glasses protects the eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun and helps in a clear vision. 
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All the above coatings are necessary for people who wear glasses as these coatings create double protection for the eyes and help the eyes to stay safe and healthy. Whether you are a person who needs glasses for reading, or a person who needs glasses for distant vision, or if you need glasses for both reading and distant vision that are varifocals, all these coatings are necessary for every lens. Like one can choose different designer glasses for their fashion look, people should keep in mind that these coatings are also very necessary in every pair of glasses that you have and will buy in the future.

Choose your glasses wisely before buying and compare the glasses with different brands so that you can buy the best for yourself and your precious eyes.