American football and its potential for the Olympics

Sportscasters watching and calling a football game in a media press box.

There has been a lot of talk lately about the flagpole and the Olympic sport. With the introduction of contactless football at the forthcoming World Cup, the participation of football in the Olympics has been revived, especially among fans of the sport. However, this has been heard for many years, but not with good results.

The main springboard has been created for more than five years to achieve this goal. This market was introduced in 2013 by the so-called Olympic Convention, incl. candidates. For a few Olympics The International Federation has already met the requirements: there must be a men’s union in at least 75 countries on four continents and a women’s union in 40 countries on three different continents. Requirements for the Summer Olympics.

The IFAF class

In 2015, IFAF began promoting American football as the new 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. In order to incorporate the new Olympics, the federations will announce the nominations and define new sports for the next Games at the IOC meeting. Decided by a vote In those years, however, IFAF split in two, destroying everything they had accomplished with the IOC, as well as their inability to stand at the Tokyo Olympics (these IFAF discussions excluded the sport from voting) or in 2024 in Paris. And start again. In addition, the IOC has so far refused to participate in volleyball. , due to organizational problems in practice. What we’ll talk about later.

IFAF canceled the 2015 World Cup for financial reasons

  And he moved to the United States, after which the then president of the organization, Tommy Waking, resigned. The New York Group elected Ropes Norsemen as interim president in September 2014 and then Richard MacLean in 2015. However, another group in Paris would still recognize Winking as president.

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Alliances are divided over these conflicts and internal affairs (corruption and drug scandal) and the well-known IFAF New York and IFAF Paris were born. The one that hosted two European football leagues at the same time was in 2017 in Las Roses (IFAF Paris) and Copenhagen (IFAF New York). At least today, after the intervention of the TAS (arbitration) itself, after about four years and deviations from the law, we have merged IFAF. You can read more about this topic here.

There has been talk of Olympic football in the last decade

All of these discussions have led to the IOC retreating, as they saw the fragmented and deteriorating international image of American football around the world. One of the basic conditions for participation in the Olympic Games is that the international federation of the sport in question organizes a world championship and a qualifying tournament as a qualifier for the Olympics. This is to be expected about six years before the games to be held, so the IFAF discussions led to the exclusion of Tokyo and Paris. And the fact is that the 2015 World Cup was not even organized as a qualifier for the Olympics. The overall picture he took from the IFAF IOC was not at all positive when people started talking about Olympic football.

At least since the 2020 release, the IOC has relaxed the rules for assessing the timing of individual sports. And it will do so from now on before the 스포츠중계 (the period between the Olympics and the others).

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Equipment restrictions

As we see, this is a fact. American football is on the IOC list. But as mentioned before, the sport has many obstacles in the way of being an Olympic sport. Listed below are the disadvantages of football in winning certain games. Some of them are very similar to rugby.

First is the staff. The American football team could be about 80 people,

 Between about 50 players and a technical team or coach. Up to 10,500 competitors can take part in some Olympic Games.

The Olympics last for three weeks,

 Which means the football tournament needs to be very crowded. Given the physical demands of our sport, this severely limits our ability to hold a big race with enough games and so few days.

Necessary helmet and armor equipment and associated costs are another obstacle for many countries.

 In addition to taking loads to move and travel

The incorporation of new sports since 2012 necessarily means that this needs to be done in both the men’s and women’s categories. In fact, in 2024, for the first time in history, the same number of athletes will be reached in Paris. And if football still needs to be strengthened in many countries, it is indescribable that women’s football needs a lack of growth.


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